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MiracleAir CM-12-S | Surface Mounted Media Air Cleaner with 5 lbs. of Carbon

Attractive and effective, the MiracleAir CM-12-S Ceiling Mount HEPA Filter System includes five pounds of activated carbon media for removal of airborne particulate and vapors. 3-speed controller regulates airflow up to 850 CFM.

PLEASE NOTE: The CM-12S has not been tested for compliance to California Air Resource Board requirements and may not be shipped to California or New England States including CT, MA, ME, NH & RI.


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The MiracleAir CM-12S Ceiling Mount Air Cleaner Includes Five (5) lbs. of Activated Carbon for a Cleaner, Odor-Free Environment.

Attractive and effective, the MiracleAir CM-12-S Ceiling Mount HEPA Filter System includes five pounds of activated carbon media for removal of airborne particulate and vapors. A 3-speed controller regulates airflow up to 850 CFM. Easy to install on any solid-ceiling surface, the MiracleAir CM-12 (standard version) is a self-contained HEPA type air cleaner that's 95% efficient @ .3 micron. This comprehensive, state of the art air filtration system removes dust, smoke, pollen, and other airborne particles. It also includes two disposable activated carbon filters (5 lbs. total) to remove odors and vapor contaminants for a truly cleaner, fresher environment.

Ideal applications for the MiracleAir CM-12-S include: Bars & VFW's, Billiard Rooms, Cigar Lounges, Bowling Centers, Conference Rooms, Employee Lounges, Hospitals, Offices, Photo Labs, Restaurants, and more!

How does the MiracleAir CM-12-S Commercial Air Cleaner work?


The air cleaning success of the CM12 Standard air filtration system is due to the "Coanda Aerodynamic Principle". Most air cleaners re-circulate the air in only one direction, which limits the amount of contaminated air that can reach the air cleaner. The unique 4-way method of air re-circulation is multi-directional. It gets the maximum amount of contaminated air to the machine most efficiently. More air reaches the CM12S air cleaner while eliminating annoying drafts. This creates people comfort as well as much better air cleaning results!


Features & Benefits of the MiracleAir CM-12-S Commercial Air Cleaner

  • Designed to handle smoke and odors associated with second-hand cigarette smoke
  • Effectively controls airborne particulate and vapors within medical laboratories and testing environments.
  • Low maintenance and long filter life are achieved because of the large volume of media used in both the particulate and the odor/V.O.C. disposable filters.
  • Unique internal sound baffle and special sound absorbing foam cabinet liner allow for minimal noise levels (69 dB(A)) on it's highest setting.
  • The CM-12 delivers efficiency, savings, and minimal maintenance costs by removing dust, smoke, pollen and other airborne particles with 95% efficient (at .3 micron) HEPA type filters.
  • An onboard, solid-state 3-speed controller allows easy adjustment of airflow.
  • Optional 3-speed wall-mounted remote is available for installation if desired.
  • Filters are easily accessible for maintenance.
  • If ceiling space is limited, the CM-12-S can also be mounted on the wall. (Wall mounting kit available.)


MiracleAir CM-12-S Commercial Air Cleaner Specifications


Capacity Up to 850 Sq. Ft.
3-Speed High - 850 CFM | Medium - 630 CFM | Low - 380 CFM
Installation Options Ceiling Mount or Wall Mount (wall mounting kit sold separately)
Dimensions 39" L x 22-5/8" W x 13-1/4" H
Cabinet Galvanized steel construction with attractive and durable Autumn White or Black powder coat finish
Weight Shipping - 115 lbs. | Installed - 90 lbs.
Electrical 115 VAC, 60 Hz
Current & Power Consumption 6.5 Amps, 475 Watts
Sound Level High - 69 dB(A) | Medium - 59 dB(A) | Low - 51 dB(A)
3-Filter System Pre-Filter - 1/2" aluminum mesh - washable
Particle Filter - MERV 16 (95% DOP) HEPA type filter - 120 sq. ft. of filter media
Post Carbon Filter - 2 disposable activated carbon filters - 5 lbs. total
Efficiency 95% efficient @ .3 micron
Warranty 3 Year limited warranty
Certifications UL & CSA listed