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Collection: Flush Mount Smoke Eaters

Home Or Commercial Flush Mount Smoke Eaters

In-Wall & In-Ceiling Systems That Are Effective At Removing Cigarette Smoke & Gas Odors

Whether you're looking for an effective way to eliminate cigar, e-cig or cigarette smoke at home; or chemical odors and gases at work or your vape shop - we can help! Flush mount smoke eaters are the perfect choice for when the ceiling is lower, or if the design of your space won't allow for ceiling or wall-mounted units.

We Offer Commercial & Home Flush Mount Smoke Eaters in a Variety of Sizes, Styles & Brands

We can provide flush mount smoke eaters for your specific residential or commercial application with the best brands in the industry:

  • Smokemaster
  • Smokeeter
  • Pure n Natural
  • Miracle Air

Some of your options include carbon/HEPA filters, media or electronic type smoke eaters, in-wall or in-ceiling installations, and white, silver or black colors.

Our expert staff is dedicated to ensuring that the proper air cleaning system works just right for your application. We offer a 60-day, money-back guarantee and FREE shipping on all of our systems.