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Pure n Natural Systems offers a variety of Air Conditioning and Cooling Solutions for Homes, Offices and Industrial Applications

Portable air conditioners and spot coolers offer a reliable and convenient way to keep specific areas or rooms in your home or office cool in the hot summer months. Portable air conditioners are also a great way to alleviate humidity as they are, by nature, dehumidifiers.

Stand Alone Portable Room Air Conditioners

Free standing or Portable AC units are great for those who want to keep certain areas of their homes or offices cool. Portable air conditioners require a window or separate room for ventilation. Most portable air conditioners also include a portable heater or heat option for year round use. Portable AC units are also a great way to reduce humidity where high moisture levels can cause damage to walls, windows and other valuable interior structures. If mobility is important, you'll be glad to know that you can easily move your portable air conditioner from room to room. Our portable room air conditioning units come in a variety of sizes and BTU's for your personal requirements. Feel free to browse our portable air conditioner section.

Spot Coolers / Commercial Air Conditioners

MovinCool Portable Air Conditioners and Spot Coolers Solve Problems for Computer Server Rooms, Office Areas and Heat Generating Electronics Rooms. Spot Coolers do require exhaust / ventilation. Commercial and industrial spot coolers allow you to cool large server rooms or cool down areas where unwanted heat is a concern. Portable spot coolers keep heat and moisture to a minimum because the warm, humid air is vented outside or into another room. Your specific area will maintain a constant level of cooler, dryer air. Manufacturing facilities and assembly lines also love spot coolers because they keep the areas cool and dry for workers and for production requirements. Computer server rooms need to maintain low heat and humidity in order to keep computers running smoothly. Commercial, portable spot coolers are the perfect solution for maintaining the required temperature and humidity levels in computer server rooms.

For indoor environments such as computer and telecom rooms or offices that contain heat-generating electronics, see our MovinCool Office Pro Series. This line of self-contained, portable units from 12,000 to 60,000 Btu/hr is simple to install: just roll it in, plug it in, and turn it on for instant spot cooling. The Office Pro's programmable digital controls make it perfect for automatic after-hours and weekend operations.

For versatility within offices or factories, see the MovinCool Classic Series portable air conditioners. Ranging in sizes from 10,000 to 60,000 Btu/hr, there's a size to meet any requirement or application. If you need more precise temperature control, the Classic Plus Series of mobile air conditioner units offers the same benefits as the Classic Series, plus programmable digital temperature controls. Like the Office Pro Series, Classic and Classic Plus portable air conditioners require little or no installation, allowing for immediate cooling when and where it's needed.

Everyone enjoys cooler, conditioned air. But some people require air conditioning for health reasons as well. We can help you choose a portable air conditioner or the windowless air conditioner that specifically suits your needs.

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