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With wide-spread legalization, medical marijuana or recreational cannabis dispensaries and hemp grow rooms should be held in the highest regard. Keeping the air clean and free of odors and smoke will ensure a safer and higher level of user experience for your business. CleanLeaf Air Filtration Systems come in a wide variety of sizes and media types to suit your specific dispensary or grow room needs. Continue reading...


High-grade marijuana crops should grow in a pristine and pure environment. The air surrounding your hemp plants is just as important as the lighting, the humidity levels, the water, and the food you provide for them. You want the highest quality marijuana plants and that means giving them clean air to breathe.  CleanLeaf air purifiers will help you to achieve the highest level of clean air for your marijuana-growing facility or cannabis dispensary.  Backed with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, why choose anything else? Your commitment to providing clean pure air to protect your cannabis buds from inorganic particles, VOCs, mold, mildew, and other harmful substances will reap rewards tenfold. Feel free to browse our air cleaners. We welcome you to call (1-800-237-9199) or email (helpdesk(at) with any questions.  

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