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Collection: Whole House Water Filters

Point of Entry - P.O.E. - Whole House Water Filters Provide Clean Water to your Entire Home or Workplace

When you install a Whole House - or - Point of Entry Water Filtration System in your home or business, you can rest assured that all the water from every tap is healthier and cleaner. This includes your drinking water, shower water, bathing water, cooking water, refrigerator ice, etc. Where ever you have a water source, your water will be sparkling clean! Our Whole House Water Filtration systems come in many sizes to fit your business or household needs.

All of our Whole House Water Filtration Systems include a pre-filter, a post-filter and a main tank that consists of KDF and Carbon. They reduce sediment, chlorine, lead (and other heavy metals), VOCs, THMs, bad tastes and odors in every tap or water source in your home.