Collection: Under Counter & In-line Water Filters

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Drinking Water Filters for Under Counter Applications, Ice Makers, Refrigerators, Bottleless Water Coolers, Coffee Makers and other Appliances that Use Water

Under Counter water filters aren't just for under your sink! These under sink drinking water filters can be used for kitchen appliances such as refrigerator ice maker and water filters, coffee station filtration systems, bottleless water cooler filters. When used under the kitchen or bathroom sink, simply install them to a cold water line and filtered water comes out from a separate tap - in most cases, the water tap is included. We offer under counter water filtration systems in many sizes, water capacities and media - - choose the one that's right for you!

In-Line and Under Counter Water Filters are effective in removing water impurities without taking up counter space. They work by hooking up to the cold water line under your sink. Some are available with a separate faucet for dedicated filtered water. Under sink units can also filter water in refrigerators, ice makers, beverage centers and botteless water coolers.

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