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Collection: Electronic Smoke Eaters

Looking for Smoke Removal? Electronic smoke eaters are perfect for smoke removal from cigars, cigarettes, hookah, marijuana, vape smoke and more.

Electronic Air Cleaners are perfect for smoke removal. And also removing very small air pollution particles including tobacco smoke, pollen, fumes, vapors and very fine dust. Harmful particles are drawn into the Electrostatic Smoke Eater and given an electronic charge. Then, like a magnet, collection cells capture the charged pollutants and send the contaminant-free air through a carbon after-filter to eliminate odors. The result is clean, fresh air circulated throughout the room.

Why electronic smoke eaters? Activities such as smoking, cleaning & sweeping create airborne particles. Particles can also enter your indoor environment from the outside. These contaminants are easily captured by an electronic air cleaner.

How Electronic Smoke Eaters Work - First, larger particles such as dust, lint or hair, are captured by the pre-filter(s). Next, dirty air passes through the electric field. All particles, including the smallest, are given an electrical charge. The charged particles stick to the collector plates of the electronic collector cell. Each time the air circulates through the electronic air cleaner more particles are removed. If odors are a concern, electronic air cleaners combined with activated carbon are an effective way to trap most odors and VOC gases. Most electronic air cleaners include a post-carbon filter to trap odors, gases and VOC's.