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Collection: Surface Mount Smoke Eaters

Ceiling & Wall Mount Smoke Eaters

Home Or Commercial Smoke Removal Systems That Mount On The Surface Of Your Wall Or Ceiling

Surface mount smoke eaters are also referred to as ceiling mount or wall mount air cleaners or smoke eliminators. They are an excellent choice for areas that don't have a drop ceiling, or in a space with very high ceilings. Ceiling mount smoke eaters can be suspended from the ceiling with chains or rods and offer superior smoke and odor cleaning capabilities.

Whether you operate a cigar bar with hundreds of customers, a restaurant with all kinds of odors or live in a single-smoker home, no one wants to smell like smoke.

Covering the scent with "odor eliminating" sprays usually brings little to no results and who knows the long-term effects inhaling all those chemicals. The only way to remove the smell is to remove the smoke altogether. That's where professional-grade smoke eaters can save the day.

Offering Commercial & Home Surface Mount Smoke Eaters in a Variety of Sizes, Styles & Brands

We can provide surface mount smoke eaters for your specific residential or commercial application with the best brands & models in the industry:

  • Smokeeter
  • Pure n Natural Systems
  • CleanAir
  • SmokeMaster
  • MiracleAir
  • SuperSlim
  • Interceptor
  • Electronic & Media Types
  • White, Black, Wood
  • And More Choices

Making the right choice about ceiling mount vs. wall mount, size and features is dependent on several factors. To ensure you receive precisely what you need, contact us today with any questions you have. It is our pleasure to offer recommendations so you get the result you're looking for: clean, fresh-smelling rooms that everyone can enjoy. Plus, we are offering FREE shipping and a 60-day, money-back guarantee on all surface mount systems.