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Second-hand smoke won't be an issue for your non-smoking customers anymore when you install a Smoke Eater from Pure n Natural Systems. Our powerful Smoke Eaters and Commercial Air Cleaning Systems range from 200 CFM up to 2,000 CFM and are capable of removing tobacco smoke including cigarette smoke, vaping smoke, marijuana smoke, cigar smoke, and hookah smoke. Commercial and Industrial size units are available for large areas for heavy cigar or cigarette smoking areas. Your employees will be happy and customers will keep coming back because they'll be able to enjoy socializing in a smoke-free establishment.

Can’t decide on a Smoke Eater? Our experienced staff can help you choose the proper size smoke eater for any application. Simply fill out our recommendation form, or check out our CFM Calculator to help with your CFM recommendation.

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Home & Commercial Smoke Eaters

Remove Smoke & Odor Caused By Welding, Cigars, Cigarettes & More

Not sure what Smoke Eater you need? Fill out our Smoke Eater Recommendation form here...

If you're looking for home or commercial smoke eaters for your house, clubhouse, office, welding shop, cigar bar, hookah lounge, tavern, VFW hall, marijuana facility, restaurant, nightclub or bowling alley we have just what you need and it ships for free.

Smoke inhalation and odor won't be an issue for your non-smoking customers or employees anymore once you install an electronic or media-type smoke eater. We can help you choose the proper size smoke eater for any application

Concealed or ducted smoke eaters offer an unobtrusive way so that you can remove smoke discreetly. We also offer surface and flush mount types as well for your basement, wall or ceiling.

Smoke removal systems are designed to last for many, many years and are well worth the investment. You'll enjoy a smoke-free, healthier, fresher environment with little maintenance required. Just keep your magnetic cells clean in electronic smoke eaters or replace the filters in your media smoke eater on a regular basis.

Pure n Natural Systems Offers Smoke Eaters in a Variety of Sizes, Styles & Brands

We can provide smoke eaters for your specific home or commercial application with the top brands in the industry:

  • Airpura
  • Pure n Natural
  • CleanAir
  • Smokeeter

Our powerful commercial smoke eaters range from 200 CFM up to 2,100 CFM and are super effective for:

  • Welding smoke removal
  • Cigar smoke removal
  • Cigarette smoke removal
  • E-cigarette smoke removal
  • Marijuana smoke removal
  • Hookah smoke removal

Commercial and Industrial size smoke eaters are available for larger areas or for heavier smoking areas.

Call us for help in determining proper CFM requirements.

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