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Vertex PureWaterCoolers offer a healthy alternative to bottled water.

Point-of-Use or Bottle-free drinking water is a convenient way to have fresh and filtered water any time you want. Bottleless water coolers are a great choice for offices, factories, homes, medical centers, customer reception areas, beauty salons, and retail outlets. This video will help explain the importance of hydration and why a bottle-less water dispenser is a perfect choice for drinking water.

✔ Eliminating impurities and chemicals (depending on your desired filtration method)
✔ Providing room temperature, cold or hot water on demand to enjoy as is or with coffee, tea, flavor packets, cooking, and more
✔ Taking up drastically less space than cases of bottles/jugs
✔ Keeping millions of pounds of plastic out of our landfills

Pure n Natural Systems is an Authorized Distributor of Vertex Water Products

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