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Smoke Eaters for Cannabis Consumption Lounges are important investments and purchases. Consumption Lounge smoke eaters and air purifiers can range from $900 to $5,000. A smoke eater plays a key role in creating a comfortable and inviting vibe in your consumption lounge by ensuring breathable, quality indoor air. Removing smoke, haze, and the odor of cannabis will help your patrons relax and enjoy their time at your lounge rather than sitting in a dense fog of uncomfortable smoke.

Make the correct smoke eater purchase from a reputable and experienced company to ensure that your consumption lounge builds a solid reputation and stays a major hit for years to come. Continue reading...


A vital element of a cannabis consumption lounge is a smoke eater air purifier that will remove the majority of smoke, haze, and odors in the air produced by smoking patrons. No one wants to sit in a dense fog of smoke while enjoying the high-quality product purchased from your establishment. So, to ensure you keep an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere in your consumption lounge, you need smoke eaters to filter and ventilate the air.

Create a comfortable environment that produces clean indoor air with a smoke elimination and ventilation system. Not only will smoke eaters improve the atmosphere for your patrons and employees, but they will also help you remain compliant while keeping your neighboring businesses satisfied.

It's no secret how much red tape you need to get through to open a consumption lounge in many states. This is only the beginning, so ensuring that your establishment fully complies with your local regulations will make the difference between a booming business and getting shut down.

A good smoke eater will filter contaminants and odors from cannabis smoke and vapor. It should work quietly and efficiently — your customers should be able to smoke without distracting fans blaring in the background or music having to be at a high volume to mask the noise. Your guests should also be able to leave your consumption lounge without the unpleasant experience of hair, skin, and clothes being saturated in smoke.

A smoke eater is the solution, but buying the right machine can raise a lot of questions. Three things to consider when buying a smoke-eliminating air purifier are:

  1. What size do I need?
  2. How much should I expect to spend?
  3. What does maintenance look like over time?

Different models of smoke eater air purifiers can be installed depending on the needs and aesthetics of your consumption lounge. The size and layout of your space will dictate the best setup and whether you will want units that are surface-mounted, ceiling-mounted, flush-mounted, concealed in the ducts, or wall-mounted.


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