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Smoke Eaters for Cigar Lounges present some unique challenges, one of the most prominent being the creation a comfortable vibe, including breathable, quality indoor air that minimizes smoke smell. Making the right smoke eater purchase from a reputable, experienced company will help ensure the that your business thrives over time and you realize the professional satisfaction you deserve. Continue reading...

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Cigar Lounges and Smoke Removal

One of the most essential components of a cigar lounge is a system to eliminate smoke and create a comfortable atmosphere. While a pleasant whiff of cigar smoke may be part of the experience, patrons of a commercial business should be able to enjoy the atmosphere without sitting in a dense fog of smoke. If you're setting up a cigar lounge at home, you probably want to reduce and contain the smoke to a designated room to protect yourself and your family. Creating a comfortable environment and clean indoor air comes with a thorough smoke elimination system that includes a home or commercial smoke eater.

A good smoke eater will filter both contaminants, such as carbon monoxide, and odors. It should work silently and efficiently — enjoying a fine cigar without distracting noise makes for a better experience. Your visitors should also be able to leave your room or establishment without the unpleasant experience of clothes, hair and skin being saturated in smoke.

These factors will come into play when choosing the right smoke eater for your cigar lounge:

  • The size of the space, including the height of the ceiling
  • Where in your space you want to or can install a smoke eater, be it the wall, ceiling or floor
  • The capacity of your room or bar and amount of patrons or visitors you expect to have smoking at any given time

Different models of smoke eaters can be installed depending on the needs and aesthetics of your cigar lounge, from units that are surface-mounted, flush-mounted or wall-mounted.

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