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Collection: Freestanding POU Bottleless Water Coolers

Browse our large selection of Freestanding Bottleless Water Coolers below.
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Our free standing floor coolers provide clean, fresh, filtered hydration and superb, crystal clear, odor free drinking water.

Floor model coolers offer a healthy alternative to bottled water. You'll enjoy the benefits of drinking chlorine free water. We offer many attractive models to match any decor or environment. You or your employees will never have to change heavy jugs of water, or worry about bottle storage. Free standing bottleless water coolers can provide different water temperatures for your convenience; ice cold water, room temperature water or piping hot water with the touch of a button. Most of our coolers come with safety levers so you don't have to worry about small children getting hurt. Choose from a variety of styles and filtration methods and water temperatures. Browse our entire selection of Bottleless Water Coolers for the best selection that suits your needs. 

Point-of-use drinking water is fresh, clean and filtered. Our floor standing water coolers are available in several styles, filter choices and colors with water that dispenses in two or three temperatures. Free standing bottleless water coolers are a great choice for offices, factories, homes, medical centers, customer reception areas, beauty salons, and retail outlets. We also offer countertop bottleless water coolers for those with limited floor space.

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