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Collection: Commercial Air Filtration

Smoke Eaters and Commercial Air Filtration Systems That Go Beyond Smoke Removal

Commercial air filtration, including ceiling and wall mount air cleaners are successfully used as cigarette smoke and cigar smoke smell removers. They're effective in Bingo Halls, VFWs, Truck Stops, Hookah Bars, Taverns and Lounges. In addition to removing dust & airborne debris, commercial smoke eaters remove smoke odors & smoking haze from a rooms' air. Similarly, home or commercial air filtration systems can remove smoking odors and other allergens in your home or office.

Smoke Eaters are available with many options including remote controls, floor or ceiling mounted, electronic or media.

Call us today and our experienced staff can help you find the solution for your commercial smoke eater needs. You have nothing to lose other than smoke odors in your bar, restaurant, lounge or home!

Pure n Natural Systems offers Commercial Air Filtration in a variety of sizes and styles. We can provide smoke eaters for your specific application, whether it's a cigar bar, hookah lounge, e cigarette smoke removal, VFW hall, nightclub, or any other tobacco or electronic smoking establishment. Our wide selection of smoke removal systems include Flushmount Smoke Eaters, Surface or Wall Mount Smoke Eaters, Electronic Smoke Eaters and Media Type Smoke Eaters. Our Smoke Eaters will help you, your employees and your customers breathe pure air.

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