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With increasing levels of pollution and allergy sensitivity in the environment, Commercial Air Filtration Systems have taken on an important role in our day-to-day life. Commercial air filtration is used successfully in environments including hospitality, medical facilities, filter bank areas, marijuana dispensaries and cannabis grow rooms, and tobacco shops (including cigar bars, hookah lounges, taverns, VFWs, nightclubs, vape shops, etc.). Smoke eaters, commercial air purifiers, and ultraviolet air cleaners don't stop at just removing dust and debris or odors from a rooms' air, but they can now remove particles that are far smaller and more harmful. Home or commercial air filtration systems can remove smoking odors and other allergens in your business, home, or office.

Commercial Air Filtration Systems That Go Beyond Smoke Removal

Commercial air filtration, including panel filters, source capture air cleaners, and medical marijuana air cleaners are successfully used as effective air filtration. In addition to removing dust & airborne debris, commercial air filtration systems remove smoke, odors, and other airborne nuisances from the environment. 


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