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Collection: Concealed Smoke Eaters

Air Cleaners that are Discreetly Ducted or Concealed Won't Interfere with your Decor.

Concealed air cleaning systems specifically filter smoke, dust and other hazardous irritants such as bacteria and viruses from the air. All models are ideal for locations where aesthetics are important, because they are installed above the ceiling, behind a wall, in a basement or attic, and are virtually out of sight. Just the supply and return grilles show, and depending on your home or business' layout, you have the flexibility to determine the placement of these grilles to ensure complete and efficient removal of harmful airborne particulate.

Concealed Smoke Eaters operate more quietly than other large-capacity air cleaners because they are in the ceiling or behind a wall. They can be ducted to multiple rooms with ducting because they are concealed.

All ducted air purifier systems will require between 15" to 24" above the ceiling in order to be completely concealed. Concealed ceiling commercial air cleaning systems provide the most efficient air pattern possible for particulate collection. They usually consist of dirty air intake grills in the ceiling along one side of the room and clean air supply grills in the ceiling along the opposite side of the room to create a ceiling sweep air pattern.

Concealed Smoke Eaters are Available in a Wide Variety of Sizes for Any Application. Call us today for expert help in choosing the model that's perfect for you!