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Now you can enjoy the ambiance of a hookah lounge without disturbing non-smokers. Smoke eaters for hookah lounges or hookah bars come in a wide variety of choices. Hookah smoke is one of the lighter, airier and sweeter smokes, which makes it easy to control with a properly sized smoke eater. Continue reading...

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What Is Hookah?

Hookah pipes have been in use since the early 1600s, originating in India and Asia.  

A hookah is a water pipe that’s used to smoke sweetened and flavored tobacco. Hookah is also referred to as narghile, argileh, shisha, hubble-bubble, and Goza. The hookah pipe is usually quite large and consists of a water chamber, a tobacco chamber, and one or more flexible tubes stemming from it that allow multiple smokers to inhale at the same time.

In the 1990s, flavored tobacco became popular in Eastern Mediterranean countries, and hookah use grew from there to eventually spread around the world. Flavorings such as molasses, fruit, mint or coffee, sweeten the taste and aroma of the tobacco.  A small piece of burning charcoal is placed on flavored tobacco. Charcoal stays separated from tobacco with a small piece of perforated aluminum foil. As the charcoal heats the tobacco, smoke is created. As a user draws on the stem or hose of the hookah, smoke is pulled through the water chamber, cooling it before being inhaled.


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