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If you smoke in your home, or if you're bothered by a smoker in your home, you need a smoke eater machine. Our portable and surface-mounted air purifiers will help remove tobacco smoke, cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, marijuana smoke, odors, and more from your house. Our residential indoor smoke eliminators are perfect for mancaves, entertainment rooms, basements, garages, and home offices. Choose from different styles, colors, and mounting options. Continue reading...

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Portable & Surface Mounted Residential Smoke Removal Machines

These Smoke Eaters Are Excellent At Removing Tobacco (Cigar & Cigarette) Smoke, Odors, & More

Smoke eaters provide relief from smoke-saturated air in your home, cigar room, or office. Our portable air purifiers are quiet so they can even be used in bedrooms or living rooms and are great at eliminating tobacco odors, as well as, smoke haze and other contaminants.

Our home smoke eaters can be mounted or portable to accommodate your specific requirements. Keep peace between smokers and non-smokers while protecting your family's health.

Pure N Natural Systems Has Residential Smoke Eaters In A Variety Of Sizes, Styles, & Brands

We can ship your smoke eater for FREE and match your specific residential application with the best brands in the industry:

  • EnviroKlenz
  • Airpura
  • Pure n Natural
  • AirMac
  • DesignAir

Our smoke eater machines come in a variety of styles and options. It can remove cigar and cigarette odors from the air and reduce the foul, stale odors that accompany tobacco smoke. We have air purifiers that can even help eliminate odor from carpeting, drapery, and upholstery.

If you enjoy smoking cigars, cigarettes, e-cigs, and/or marijuana in your home, you should consider a residential smoke eater machine. Keeping your indoor environment free from tobacco smoke may also help increase your home's value.

Call us today if you need help deciding which smoke eater is best for you. Our experienced staff can answer all your questions. Our smoke removal systems are easy to install, low maintenance, and inexpensive.

Learn How to Remove Smoke Smell in 5 Easy Steps.

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