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If you own a Vape Shop, you need an air cleaner designed specifically for the wet smoke associated with vaping. We currently offer a surface mount vape smoke eater and a flush mount vape smoke eater, so your vape shop decor won't be compromised. Keep peace between your patrons and non-vaping neighbors with a specially designed electronic E-Cig air cleaner from Pure n Natural Systems. Continue reading...

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Air Cleaners for E-Cig and Vape Shops

Not all air cleaners are designed to eliminate vaping and e-cig smoke accumulation and residue from vape juices. HEPA filters will quickly saturate with moisture and become ineffective. Standard electronic air cleaners are better, however, standard units have no means to capture the condensation. Don't risk ruining your upholstery, carpeting or display areas! Our Vape Shop smoke eaters eliminate these worries.

They're still on the fence about whether or not vaping smoke or e-cigarette smoke is as unhealthy as cigarette or cigar smoke. And, it's important to note that there are still critics who are uncomfortable with breathing the vapors that are produced from this guilty pleasure. By incorporating two heavy-duty electronic collection cells, our vape shop smoke eaters are able to capture the moist smoke billowing associated with vaping. Plus, a specially designed power supply keeps the moisture from shorting out the wires. Finally, custom designed "drip tray" will keep the cells from dripping the collected condensation back into the environment. 

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