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PWC-450 | Low-Profile Counter Top Water Dispenser by Vertex

PWC-450 - Low Profile, Compact, Hot and Cold Water Dispenser is designed to fit under standard kitchen cabinets.


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The Vertex PWC-450 Low Profile Countertop Water Dispenser Provides Both Hot and Cold Water.

The PWC-450 is a sleek and upscale two-temperature water dispenser that will easily fit on your kitchen counter-top. This mini countertop water dispenser features an endless supply of hot and cold water. Easily connect the PWC-440 countertop bottleless water cooler to a 1/4" water source and plug it into the nearest outlet. With its completely sealed stainless steel cold reservoir and hot tank, you can count on clean, bacteria-free water anytime.

The PWC-450 Low Profile Counter Top Water Dispenser Filtering Options

No Filtration
This option may be desirable for homes, businesses or offices that use Point of Entry filtration.

2-Stage Sediment & Carbon Filtration

  • Stage 1 - 5 Micron Sediment Filter - Removes suspended particles, rust and pipe scale down to 5 microns (about 1/10 the size of a human hair.)

  • Stage 2 - 10 Micron Granular Activated Carbon Filter - GAC filter removes chlorine, bad tastes & odors plus other common, earthy, fishy, musty tastes and odors

Features and Benefits of the PWC-450 Vertex Low Profile Counter Top Water Dispenser

  • Two Temperature System
    Cold - 37-50°F, Adjustable
    Hot - 180°F, Autocontrol
  • Single dispensing faucet with HOT and COLD button control
  • Dual button safety feature for HOT water
  • Attractive LED lighted dispense area
  • Taller 10" opening allows easy access for refills
  • Pressurized dispense system for faster flow
  • Low Height - only 16-1/2" high - fits under standard kitchen cabinets
  • Solenoid valve inlet water control
  • High efficiency sealed compressor
  • Indicator lights on the front panel for heating and cooling
  • On/off switch in the rear to control hot and cold functions
  • Meets Energy Star Requirements
ADA Compliant ADA Compliant
ETL Listed The PWC-450 Bottleless Water Cooler Conforms to UL Standard 399 and is ETL Listed.
In compliance with NSF standard 61, section 9 All water-bearing materials in this water cooler comply with the Safe Water Drinking Act amendment of 1996 and are in compliance with NSF standard 61, section 9.

Specifications of the PWC-450 Low Profile Counter Top Water Dispenser

Dimensions 16-1/2" H x 13" W x 16-1/2" D
Weight 45 lbs.
Dispensing Area Height 10"
Heating Rate | Temp 1.5 gal/hr | 180°F Autocontrol
Cooling Rate | Temp 1.5 gal/hr | 37-50°F Adjustable
Cold Tank Volume 1 Gallon
Hot Tank Volume 1/2 Gallon
Voltage 115V | 50/60 Hz
Power Required 600W Max
Warranty - All PureWaterCoolers are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. The compressor has a 3-year warranty.
Installation hardware is included.
Customer is responsible for local plumbing codes. Pure n Natural Systems, Inc. is not liable for damage or other undesirable consequences incurred by misuse, improper assembly or improper installation of any Bottleless Water Cooler.
PWC-450 | PWC-450F