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Smokeeter LS | Concealed Ceiling Commercial Smoke Eater Air Cleaner

600 - 1,500 CFM - 1 unit covers up to 2,700 sq. ft. Electronic collection cell included. This unit is installed above the ceiling for quiet and discreet air cleaning.

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The Smokeeter LS Concealed Electronic Air Cleaner

The LS is great for cleaning air in smoking areas including bars, casinos, nightclubs and restaurants. PLUS - Smokeeters are also extremely effective in non-smoking environments where many harmful contaminants are invisible, including healthcare facilities, offices and schools.

The LS concealed Smokeeter systems are an innovative concept in electronic air cleaners. Their flexibility enables these units to adapt to any situation or room configuration to effectively solve your particular air cleaning needs. The Smokeeter LS is ideal for locations where aesthetics are important because it is installed above the ceiling and is virtually out of sight. Only the supply and return grilles show. The LS operates quieter than other large-capacity air cleaners and can be ducted to multiple rooms because it is concealed.

How does the Smokeeter LS work?...

How does a Concealed Ceiling Air Cleaner Work?

As shown left, dirty air is drawn into the LS Smokeeter system through waffle-shaped inlet grilles, or Return Air Assemblies, located in two different areas. The air flows through Aluminized Flexible Ductwork and is directed to the Smokeeter via a 'Wye' Connection. Once inside the LS, pollutants and other harmful contaminants are removed from the air stream by the highly effective multi-stage filtration. Next, clean air is sent through more ductwork and another 'Wye' Connection, where it is discharged into different locations through louvered outlet grilles, or Supply Air Assemblies. Smokeeter air cleaners are far superior to the competition because they use Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) technology to remove contaminants like smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi and viruses from the air. Harmful particles are drawn into the Smokeeter unit and given an electronic charge. Then, like a magnet, ESP Collection Cells capture the charged pollutants and send the contaminate-free air through a carbon after-filter to eliminate odors. The result: clean, fresh air circulated throughout the room.

Additional Benefits of the Smokeeter LS Commercial Air Cleaner...

In addition to ensuring cleaner air for your customers, guests and employees, Smokeeters can actually lower utility bills. These systems keep cleaned air moving indoors instead of exhausting costly heated or cooled air outdoors. Also, Smokeeters use less energy than media units, which require more horsepower. These air cleaners can also reduce housekeeping costs by minimizing pollution build-up on walls, windows and furnishings. The Smokeeter LS works independently from your building's HVAC, so there is no need for complicated air handling calculations or replacing existing vents. These electronic air cleaners are available with a wide variety of their own ducts, grilles and accessories allowing you to customize them to fit any room configuration. In fact, the best thing about the LS, with the intake and outflow separated by ducting, is you can set up an extremely effective airflow or air curtain that will continuously sweep away contaminated air from a bar or smoking section that prevent smoke from wandering into a non smoking area.

The standard components of the LS concealed Smokeeter system are the air cleaning mechanism itself and a wall-mounted remote control switch. It's the wide variety of accessories that make this air cleaner custom tailored to any room configuration.

Smokeeter LS Concealed System Accessories...

Remote Control Wall Switch for Concealed Ceiling Smoke Eaters - Standard Accessory

A standard accessory that comes with the Smokeeter LS is the Remote Control Switch Assembly. It features a wall-mounted remote control with on/off switch and indicator light. The switch can be upgraded to an optional variable speed control (shown left), and the lamp notifies users when the unit needs to be serviced.

Carbon Plenum for Concealed Ceiling Smoke EatersOptional Carbon Plenum - In addition to the carbon after-filter, the optional carbon module, or plenum, provides the LS with an additional 18 pounds of activated carbon. Carbon is used to combat strong, pervasive odors. The 20-gauge steel carbon plenum in the Smokeeter LS holds 6 - 3 lb. trays of carbon. Its 16" inlet/outlet collars allow the Carbon Plenum to connect to either flexible or hard duct.

The Following Accessories are for Information Purposes Only and Should be Purchased Locally...

(Please refer to the Owner's Manual / Installation guide for more information.)

  • Supply Air Assembly - The Supply Air Assembly, or outlet grille, re-circulates clean air into the room.

  • Aluminized Flexible Duct - The Aluminized Flexible Duct allows users to channel air up to 25'.

  • Wye - "Y" - Connection - The Wye Connection is a device used to direct air to more than one area of a room.

  • Return Air Assembly - Designed to draw air into a concealed Smokeeter.


Smokeeter LS Concealed Ceiling Air Cleaner Specifications

Capacity Up to 2,700 Sq. Ft.
Three Speed - CFM High - 1,500 | Medium - 1,050 | Low - 600
Installation Options Above ceiling with supply/return assemblies
Dimensions 46-1/2" L  x 19-5/16" W x 21" H
Cabinet Construction Steel
3 Stage System Pre-Filter - Aluminum Mesh pre-filter traps larger particles and evenly distributes the air across the ionizing section to maximize efficiency
Unicell (Ionizer/Collection Cell) - Ionizer electrically charges particles subsequently 'magnetizing' them to the collection cell
Optional Carbon After-Filter - Activated Carbon after-filter helps to control odors and polishes the air coming out of the unit
Particle Removal As small as 0.01 microns
Weight Shipping - 157 lbs. | Hanging - 150 lbs.
Electrical 8.4 amps | 115V | 60 Hz
Power Consumption 900 Watts (max)
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Certifications All electrical components and fan motor are ETL listed