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CleanLeaf CL-1100-H | Marijuana Grow Room Filtration System - 800 CFM

In addition to a 12" Pocket Filter, the CL-1100-H includes a true 99.97% HEPA filter for the ultimate in airborne particulate and microorganism control.

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Protect your Small to Medium Size Grow Room from Airborne Threats with the CleanLeaf CL-1100-H Air Purification System

CleanLeaf CL-1100-H Air Filtration Filter Stages Include;

  • 1" Washable Pre-filter
  • 12" (6) Pocket Bag Filter
  • 12" 99.97% HEPA After Filter

The CleanLeaf CL-1100-H Air Filtration System will capture multiple airborne microorganisms including mold, fungi spores, bacteria, pollen, insect pests, VOC's and more. As the air flows through the pre-filter, (6) pocket bag filter and 99.97% HEPA filter, you can rest assured that your air will be clear of these unwanted pollutants that can cause damage to your valuable crop. 

CleanLeaf CL-1100-H Air Filtration Stages

  • Stage 1 - 1 inch - 35% Washable Foam Pre-Filter - Traps dust and larger particles. This filter can be washed several times before replacement is needed.
    Each unit is equipped with (1) foam pre-filter
  • Stage 2 - 12 inch - 95% 6 Pocket Bag Filter - 98% arrestance with 95% rated efficiency, the bag filter removes smoke and other sub-micron size particles from the air.
    Each unit is equipped with (1) 12" bag filter
  • Stage 3 - 12" 99.97% HEPA After Filter- Used in medical clean rooms, our true HEPA filters catch 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 micron. These filters provide the ultimate in clean air filtration, especially in environments where dust & high particulate is a concern. 
    Each CL-1100-H is equipped with (1) 12" HEPA filter.

Always use CleanLeaf replacement filters and parts to maintain warranty.

Features of CleanLeaf CL-1100-H Air Filtration System

  • Powerful 800 CFM blower for optimum air flow efficiency
  • 16 gauge cold-rolled steel cabinet is finished with a light reflective white polyurethane powder coat for durability. 
  • Each unit is self-contained to use individually or in groups.
  • CleanLeaf systems come with a standard 3 year warranty on all parts excluding filters. 
CleanLeaf Air Filtration systems from Pure n Natural will keep your marijuana grow room air free from dangerous airborne pollutants and micro-organisms.

    System Options

    CleanLeaf CL-1100-H System Options

    • Optional factory installed eye-bolts on all 4 corners for easy "do-it-yourself" Ceiling Mount.
    • Eye-Bolt Kit (factory installed) + (4) Q-links to connect to eye-bolts + (4) 5' chains
    • Eye Bolt Kit (non-factory installed(4) Q-links to connect to eye-bolts + (4) 5' chains available for easy Strut Channel Mount
    • Dual L-Bracket Kit available for easy Wall Mounting
    • Optional Silencer with Louver for 6-8 decibel noise reduction
    • Optional Magnehelic Pressure Gauge indicates when to change filters

    CleanLeaf Air Filtration Systems Offer Several Mounting Options

    CleanLeaf Air Filtration System - Ceiling Mounted Option CleanLeaf Air Filtration Hanging Strut Mounting Option CleanLeaf Air Filtration System L-Bracket Wall Mount

    Ceiling Mount

    The Eye Bolt mounting option is an excellent choice for lighter units. Chains should be mounted to the ceiling rafters which hook on to the factory installed eye bolts. Order Eye-Bolt Mounting Kit for this option.

    Strut Channel Mount

    The Strut Channel mounting option is an excellent choice for heavier single and multi units. This option would require the eye-bolt mounting kit, without the need for factory installed eye-bolts. Industrial chain mounts to the rafters and hooks on to the eye bolts installed into an under-mounted channel strut (not included). Order Eye-Bolt Mounting Kit for this Option.

    L-Bracket Wall Mount

    If you have available wall space, the L-Bracket is an excellent mounting option for single configuration units. Durable The L-Bracket mounting kit is available for purchase with the applicable units. Order L-Mounting Wall Brackets for this option.

    CleanLeaf air filtration systems are designed to improve your indoor environment. The CL-1100-H easily collects dust, smoke, oil mist, oil smoke, and other atmospheric pollutants in industrial plants, shops, schools, and factories with high efficiency filtration. It is a complete air filter packaged unit that can be installed easily and used as a free hanging air filter unit to clean the ambient pollutants, smoke, odors and haze. 


      CleanLeaf CL-1100-H Air Filtration System Specifications

      Dimensions 20" W x 15" H x 44" L
      Weight Shipping - 114 lbs. | Hanging - 100 lbs.
      ACFM 800
      Sound Level 48 dB @ 5' (on high)
      Airflow Straight through - Variable speed
      Cabinet 16 gauge cold-rolled steel
      Finish White chemical resistant powder coating
      Grill / Louver 4-way individually adjustable blades/fins
      Motor PSC type 1/5 hp direct drive with thermal overload
      Wiring 10' - 3 prong power cord - 'plug and play' set up
      Power 115V / 60 Hz Single Phase | 3.5 amps | 500 watts
      Warranty 3 year on all parts (does not include filters)