CleanLeaf CL3000-C20 High Capacity Air Filtration System - 2800 CFM - SMOKE + ODOR + PARTICLE REMOVAL

In addition to its super-high capacity motor, dual pre-filters, and dual bag filters, the CL-3000-C20 includes 20 pounds of carbon. This self-contained air cleaner is an excellent choice for particle AND odor removal in a cigar bar, nightclub, cannabis dispensary, or hookah lounge.

All units include factory-installed eye-bolts on all 4 corners.


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CleanLeaf 3000-Series Commercial Air Cleaners provide smoke and odor removal in Cigar Lounges, Cannabis Smoking Dispensaries, Night Clubs, and any high-volume smoking areas.

If you own or manage a cigar bar, hookah lounge, or marijuana dispensary, you know how important it is to keep odors and smoke to a minimum. Although the aromatic tobacco smells are pleasurable for some, customers (and in some cases neighboring businesses) don't want to be saturated with lingering or overwhelming smoke odors.

CleanLeaf commercial air cleaning systems will help to keep your customers, employees, and neighbors happy. Smoke, odors, dust, and particles are no match for CleanLeaf. Smoke-filled air enters the unit on both ends and is discharged through the center. This T-Pattern airflow allows for double-filtration as both sides of the unit include identical 3-filtration stages.

CleanLeaf CL-3000-C20 Air Filtration Stages

Each CleanLeaf CL-3000-C20 Air Filtration System comes fully equipped with (2) Pre-filters, (2) Bag Filters, and (2) 10-Pound Carbon Filters.

Stage 1 - (2) 4-inch 35% Pleated Pre-Filters
This medium-efficiency pleated pre-filter catches any large particulate that may exist in your environment. The primary purpose of the pre-filter is to increase the lifetime of the secondary filters that come after them. A 35% efficiency provides the best balance between restriction and capture rate.
Each CL-3000-C20 comes with (2) 4-inch pre-filters. Replace every 3-6 months or as needed.

Stage 2  (2) 15-inch 12-Pocket Bag Filters
The bag filter captures 95% of particles that are 1 micron in size which makes it 100% efficient at 2 microns or larger. As the bag filter fills up with dust and particles, its efficiency increases. However, you'll want to replace it when the airflow starts to decrease.
Each CL-3000-C20 comes with (2) 15-inch bag filter. Replace every 6-12 months or as needed.

Stage 3 - (2) 10-Pound Carbon Filters
Carbon removes odors, gases, and VOCs. Carbon has been consistently proven to be the safest and most reliable means for removing odors from the air. Each CL-3000-C20 commercial air cleaner is equipped with 20 pounds of carbon.
Each CL-3000-C20 comes with (2) 10-pound carbon after-filters. Replace every 6-12 months or as needed.

CleanLeaf CL-3000-C20 Commercial Air Filtration System Features

  • Powerful 2,800 CFM blower for optimum airflow efficiency
  • T-Flow Air Pattern - Smoke and airborne contaminants enter the unit on both sides and clean air discharges from the center.
  • 16 gauge cold-rolled steel cabinet is finished with a light-reflective white polyurethane powder coat for durability.
  • Each unit is self-contained to use individually or in groups. No need for outside ventilation.
  • CleanLeaf systems come with a standard 3-year warranty on all parts (excluding filters).
  • Optional Silencer with 4-way directional louver. Reduces noise level by 6-8 decibels.
  • Optional Silencer with a non-directional grille reduces the noise level by 10-12 decibels.
  • Optional Magnehelic Pressure Gauge indicates when to change filters

CleanLeaf CL-3000-C20 Air Filtration System Mounting Options

CleanLeaf Commercial Air Filtration System - Ceiling Mount Option CleanLeaf Air Filtration Hanging Strut Mounting Option CleanLeaf Air Filtration System L-Bracket Wall Mount

Ceiling Mount

Factory Installed Eye Bolts provide easy "do-it-yourself" Ceiling Mount installation. Your CleanLeaf unit comes with pre-drilled holes/eyebolts on all 4 corners.

The Eye Bolt Mounting Kit option is an excellent choice for lighter units. Chains should be mounted to the ceiling rafters which hook onto the factory-installed eye bolts. When ordering, choose the Add (4) Q-Links & (4) 5' Chains installation option.

Strut Channel Mount

The Strut Channel mounting option is an excellent choice for heavier single and multi-units. Industrial chain mounts to the rafters and hooks onto the eye bolts installed into an under-mounted channel strut (not included).

For this option, choose the Add (4) Q-Links & (4) 5' Chains installation option.

L-Bracket Wall Mount

If you have wall space available, the durable L-Brackets are an excellent mounting option for single configuration units. When ordering, choose the Add L-Brackets for Wall Mount installation option.

If you decide later on down the road that you want to wall mount your CleanLeaf Air Cleaner, The Optional Wall Mounting Brackets can be ordered separately under Filters and Accessories.

CleanLeaf air filtration systems are designed to improve your indoor environment. The CL-3000-C20 easily collects dust, smoke, oil mist, oil smoke, and other atmospheric pollutants in industrial plants, shops, schools, and factories with high-efficiency filtration. It is a complete air filter packaged unit that can be installed easily and used as a free-hanging air filter unit to clean the ambient pollutants, smoke, odors, and haze.

CleanLeaf CL-3000-C20 Specifications

Dimensions 24" W x 24" T x 72" Long
Weight Shipping - 200 lbs. | Hanging - 180 lbs.
ACFM 2,800
Sound Level 62 dB @ 5' (on high)
Airflow Variable speed - T-Pattern Airflow (Inlets on each end, exhausts from the center)
Cabinet 16 gauge cold-rolled steel
Finish White chemical resistant powder coating
Grill / Louver 4-way individually adjustable blades/fins
Motor PSC type 3/4 hp direct drive with thermal overload
Wiring 10' - 3 prong power cord - 'plug and play' set up
Power 115V / 60 Hz Single Phase | 10.2 amps
Warranty *3 Years on the entire unit(not including filters)
CleanLeaf CL-3000-C20 Product Spec Sheet CleanLeaf CL-3000-C20 Product Brochure

*Always use CleanLeaf replacement filters and parts to maintain the warranty.

This unit has not been tested for compliance with California Air Resource Board requirements and cannot be shipped to California.

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