H2O Quick-Connect Replacement 3-Stage Filter Pack

3 Stage Quick-Connect Filter Pack for H2O-500 and H2O-2500 Bottleless Water Dispensers. Replace all 3 filters every 4-6 months.  Read More...


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Keep the Water in your Bottleless Water Cooler Clean & Fresh by Replacing the Easy to Change Quick-Connect Filters on a Regular Basis

> > Click here for a diagram on the difference between Inline and U-type filter connections. < <

Easy to replace quick-connect filters provide superior water filtration. This replacement filter pack will remove many impurities found in municipal tap water sources.

  • Stage 1 Sediment Filter - The sediment filter maximizes the effect of purification from the initial stage by eliminating impurities such as rust, soil, and sand. This helps to extend the life of the pre-carbon filter.
  • Stage 2 Pre-GAC (granular activated carbon) Filter - The pre-carbon filter removes chlorine, THMs, and organic chemical contaminants through an absorption process. This helps filter function properly. This filter also helps to extend the life of the membrane filter.
  • Stage 4 Post Carbon Block Filter - The post carbon filter removes dissolved gases, chlorine, colors, and unpleasant odors to ensure better-tasting water.

All 3 filters should be replaced every 6-12 months.

For use in the following International H2O Bottleless Water Coolers;

Unused water filters do not expire. As long as they're not exposed to any moisture, there is no set shelf life for water filters.

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