H2O-2500P High Performance Bottleless Water Cooler & Dispenser

With its 3-gallon cold water tank and 1.5-gallon hot tank, the H2O-2500P is a high-performance bottleless water cooler that will provide over 6 gallons of cold water per hour.  Read More...

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The H2O-2500P High-Performance Bottleless Cooler is Streamlined to Provide Years of Maintenance-Free Office Water Dispensing

Clean, great-tasting filtered water - You'll enjoy everything about the H2O-2500-P high-performance bottleless water cooler. Its sleek and sophisticated design will add beauty and elegance to any area including office break rooms, reception areas, or kitchens. Its Best in Class cooling capacity features a 1.4 gallon per minute flow rate - which equates to 6 gallons per hour. A high flow rate combined with a large 3 gallon cold water tank makes the H2O-2500P an excellent choice for offices and other high traffic areas. The H2O-2500P has a large dispensing area, making it ideal for sports bottles and coffee pots. Surgical-grade stainless steel tanks dispense both hot and cold water.  Equipped with a highly reliable LG compressor, the H2O-2500P is the ultimate solution for your busy, high-traffic area.

The H20-2500P High-Performance Bottleless Water Cooler Includes Several Filtration Options

Option 1 - Three-Stage Filtration

  • Stage 1 - 5-Micron Sediment Filter - The sediment filter is excellent for removing sand, silt, rust, and pipe turbidity.
  • Stage 2 - 1-Micron Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filter - Carbon is king when it comes to cleaning municipal water. Carbon media reduces chlorine, benzene, pesticides, and insecticides. The carbon materials used in this filter are of the highest quality and are NSF certified.
  • Stage 3 - 0.5 micron Carbon Block Filter - Finally, carbon block technology removes 99% of chlorine, lead, and microbial cysts. In addition, carbon block removes bad tastes & odors and provides delicious, and fresh-tasting water. 

Option 2 - Four-Stage Ultra-Filtration

The same superior filtration as Option 1, plus...

  • Ultra-Filtration - Much like RO, the UF membrane will provide “absolute filtration”. It will even eliminate bacteria and viruses. UF is the best choice to remove heavy metals, and toxic particles, all while leaving “healthy” minerals such as salt, calcium, and magnesium behind. 

(NOTE - Ultrafiltration does NOT require a drain.)

Option 3 - Four-Stage RO Purification

The same superior filtration as Option 1, plus...

  • 100 GPD RO Membrane - Reverse Osmosis works by pushing water through a semi-permeable membrane at extremely high pressure. As a result, the water is crystal clear and free from impurities found in municipal water sources including salt, iron, fluoride, lead, bacteria & pharmaceuticals. Radio-active materials cannot withstand advanced filtration technology.

(NOTE - Coolers equipped with Reverse Osmosis require an outlet drain. Hot and cold tanks in bottleless water coolers with RO filtration take approximately 1-1/2 - 2 hours to fill from empty.)

Optional - Germicidal UltraViolet Water Sanitizer
Ultraviolet light is a powerful method for sanitizing and purifying water. The UV lamp is securely encased in a quartz sleeve. As water flows through the chamber it's exposed to UV light where waterborne germs and bacteria are eradicated. The use of UV in point-of-use water systems is approved by the FDA.  At 254nm, UV energy kills 99.9% of various and harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

(NOTE - If you have well water in a rural area, or live in a town or village that has uncertain chlorination, then the UV stage is recommended. If your water is being supplied from a well or spring you should consider Ultraviolet. Or, if you're not sure that your municipality is sufficiently chlorinating the water supply, you may want to consider adding UV as a final stage in your purification process.)

Advanced Features of the H2O-2500P High-Performance Bottleless Water Dispenser

  • Comes fully assembled and equipped with all stages of filtration
  • Includes installation hardware
  • High-Performance bottleless water cooler provides both hot and cold water
  • High 1.4 gallon per minute cold water flow rate
  • Features an Anti-Microbial and dust repellent coating
  • Illuminated LED dispensing panel
  • Safety lock function for the hot water to prevent accidents
  • State-of-the-art LG compressor
  • Large 3 gallons cold water tank | 1.5-gallon hot water tank
  • Surgical grade stainless steel hot and cold tanks inside

H2O-2500P High-Performance Bottleless Water Cooler Specifications

Dimensions 48" (H) x 14" (W) x 14" (L)
Weight 52 lbs.

Cold Water Specifications
Cold Water Storage Tank Capacity 3 gallons
Cooling Rate 6 gallons per hour
Cold Water Temperature Range 37-50°F
Cold Water Power Consumption 100 watts
Hot Water Specifications
Hot Water Storage Tank Capacity 1.5 gallons
Heating Rate 2.8 gallons per hour 180°F
Hot Water Power Consumption 1000 watts
Power 110V~127V AC | 50-60 Hz
Warranty 1 Year Cooler | 3 Year Compressor
Owner's Manual H2O-2500 Bottleless Water Cooler Owner's Manual
The purchase of this cooler does not include installation. We recommend installation by a licensed plumber familiar with your local plumbing code(s). Pure n Natural Systems, Inc. is not liable for damage or other undesirable consequences incurred by misuse, improper assembly, or improper installation of any Bottleless Water Cooler.

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