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Vertex | FK-104 - Replacement Filters for PureWaterCoolers

PWC-SCF (FK-104) - Replacement filter pack includes 1 sediment filter and 1 carbon filter. Both filters should be changed every 6 months.

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The FK-104 (PWC-SCF) filter kit is used in ALL Vertex Bottleless Water Coolers

Replace every 6 months. Replacement Instructions & Quick Connect fittings included.

Regular filter changes will keep your water tasting great and your cooler running at peak performance.

The PWC-SCF (FK-104) is a 2-filter pack of replacement filters. Each filter is disposable and NSF listed with Quick Connect fittings for easy, sanitary, no-mess filter changes. Each kit includes both replacement filters for your PureWaterCooler.

  • Stage-1 Sediment Filter - 5 micron, 2.5" x 12" poly-spun filter removes suspended particles, rust and pipe scale down to 5 microns (about 1/10 the size of a human hair). ( IFA-4035 )
  • Stage-2 Carbon Filter - 2.5" x 12" Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter removes chlorine taste and odor plus other common earthy, fishy, musty tastes and odors. 2500 gal rated capacity. ( IFA-4034)