Model 2050 | Under Counter Water Filter - 15,000 Gallon Capacity

Model 2050 3-Year Under Counter Water Filter - Reduces lead, chlorine, bad tastes, odors, heavy metals, etc. - Filters up to 15,000 gallons of drinking water! Easily installs under your sink for clean, fresh-tasting water.  Read More...

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High Capacity Under Counter Drinking Water Filter will Provide15,000 Gallons of Clean, Filtered Water.

Make every drop from your cold water faucet clear, refreshing, and healthy. Z-1 dual filter media blend in the model 2050 drinking water filter removes/reduces over 80 contaminants including chlorine, lead, and other heavy metals as well as V.O.C.'s (volatile organic compounds), pesticides, herbicides, bad tastes, and odors.

Exclusive Z-1 Media Outperforms Standard Carbon Filtration 

Z-1 Media combines KDF 55 with other media and is unparalleled in removing chlorine and reducing heavy metals in drinking water. Z-1 consists of a high purity copper-zinc formula combined with carbon. It’s NSF approved and drastically extends the life of a typical carbon water filter. The media is 100 % recyclable and has no chemical additives. Z-1 media allows for longer periods of time before the water filter needs replacement.

What is KDF? KDF 55 Media is used in conjunction with GAC (granular activated carbon) for chlorine removal. KDF 55 removes the chlorine from the water before it even contacts the carbon. The carbon media, not being burdened with the job of chlorine removal, is then free to perform higher-level carbon filtration. This includes the removal of chemical contaminants such as Volatile Organic Chemical (VOCs) and Trihalomethanes (THM’s). 

This is a throw-away water filter. No need to replace cartridges. After 3 years, simply disconnect from the cold water line and install a whole new filter. 

Model 2050 Under Counter Water Filter Specifications

Size 13" H x 4" OD
Weight 6.5 lbs.
Capacity 15,000 Gallons
Max Flow Rate 1.5 gallons per minute
Max Operating Pressure 90 PSI
Micron Rating 5-micron nominal
In/Out 3/8"
  • Model 2050 Water Filter
  • Installation Kit
  • Instructions for Installation
  • Faucet sold separately.
The Model 2050 water filter comes with a three year pro-rata warranty when used on a US municipally treated water supply. Complete installation hardware & instructions included.

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