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International H2O Optional Alkaline Filter - Quick Connect

Optional Alkaline Filter for H2O Coolers. Replace once per year.


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Optional Quick Connect Alkaline Filter for H2O Bottleless Water Dispensers

Reverse Osmosis water can sometimes taste flat. The H2O Inline Alkaline Filter is a true alkaline ionized filter that gives your water a refreshing mineral flavor.

The Alkaline filter includes 10 levels of filtration using premium media including KDF, ceramics, CalCor, and a magnet that emits far-infrared rays to increase pH and alkalinity while lowering ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)

Studies have shown that alkaline water enables the human body to function more efficiently as it does not have to buffer as much of the acids we take in through food and drink. An alkaline filter is recommended for post-RO (Reverse Osmosis) use. It requires a very slow flow rate of 0.25-.5 GPM in order for the water to have sufficient contact time with each of the media in the ionized water filter. Using this filter in combination with your current water filter system gives you pure & great tasting water with more health benefits than standard filtered water.

Replace the Alkaline Filter Once Every Year.

For use in the following bottleless water coolers;