Sterilizer T-800 | Filterless Air Purifier by Airfree - For Areas up to 180 Square Feet

For areas up to 180 sq. ft. A completely silent air sterilizer that will destroy all germs, mold, bacteria, dust mites, pet dander and other airborne organisms

This unit is replacing the pureAir 50 small plug-in room air purifier.


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The stunning design of the Airfree T800 air sterilizer is perfect for any decor. Easily clear your air of allergens, germs, virus, bacteria and mold.

The Airfree T800 has been rigorously tested and proven to eliminate airborne contaminants. First of all, it's completely silent, so noise will never be a factor. Another notable feature is that it does not require any filter or cartridge changes. Furthermore, the Airfree T800 is completely safe around children and pets.

Thermodynamic Sterilizing System - TSS™

TSS technology is what makes Airfree air sterilizers stand out from the crowd. World-renowned institutions and ISO 17025 laboratories have conducted thorough tests on Airfree. Consequently, they have shown that TSS technology completely destroys any micro-organism, regardless of size, that pass through the unit by up to 99.99%. These harmful particles include mold spores, virus, bacteria, pollen, dust mites (including remains and excrement), organic odors, tobacco smoke, ozone and pet dander.

What Exactly is TSS™ technology?

Completely natural and safe, TSS technology relies on heat to destroy microorganisms. Airfree destroys airborne contamination with heat. The same is true when we boil water to eliminate and destroy waterborne bacteria and contaminants. As air passes through the unit, the internal air becomes super-heated. As a result, immediate destruction of harmful microorganisms occurs. This technology is incredibly effective and poses no threat to the environment. The unit is not hot to the touch, nor does it change the ambient temperature. Consequently, the Airfree air purifiers use very little energy draw. They do not produce ozone or ions, nor do they use ultraviolet light. Filters are not required, nor do they require any triclosan-coated materials.

Product Safety is of Utmost Concern

Several facilities around the world have tested every single Airfree model. Results have shown to perform at or above standards. Even the State of California Resources Board has approved Airfree products. Electrical safety is assured by CE, CB, cUL, and is manufactured in Europe with high quality materials and strict ISO standards.

Airfree T800 Air Sterilizer Specifications

Capacity 180 Sq. Ft.
Energy Consumption 33 Watts
Warranty 2 years
Dimensions 11.8" H x 5.1" D
Weight 1.5 lbs.
Noise Level Completely Silent

Airfree T800 Air Sterilizer Video

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