EnviroKlenz UV | Portable HEPA Air Purifier with Germicidal Ultraviolet Light

The EnviroKlenz UV portable air purifier is effective for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or multiple chemical sensitivities. Dental Offices love the Enviroklenz UV because it helps to address eliminating mold, mildew, germs, virus, and bacteria. Effective in areas up to 750 square feet.  Read More...


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The EnviroKlenz UV HEPA Air Purifier includes the Germ-Killing Power of Germicidal Ultraviolet Light.

For advanced removal of airborne microorganisms, including bacteria, mold, and viruses, the EnviroKlenz UV Mobile Air Purifier is a good option. The EnviroKlenz UV version offers similar air cleaning capabilities as the standard model, with the addition of Germicidal UVC Light.

The EnviroKlenz UV air purifier is an aesthetically pleasing, practical solution to those who suffer from allergies, asthma, or multiple chemical sensitivities. Simply plug it into any 110V outlet and it will begin to address odors, allergy triggers, mold, bacteria, virus, and other airborne contaminants. The EnviroKlenz UV Air Purifier covers a space of 750 square feet.

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Since the EnviroKlenz combines a VOC air filter cartridge with a HEPA filter and UV light. It provides air cleaning efficiency and addresses pollen, dust, odors, mold, gasses, fragrance, chemical off-gassing, VOCs, allergens, bacteria, virus and more. The EnviroKlenz UV has built-in casters so it is mobile. It has 4 airflow speeds, making it easy to find the most comfortable setting for your environment.

3 Super-Effective Stages in the EnviroKlenz UV Air Purifier

It's easy to change filters in your EnviroKlenz air purifier because it requires no tools. Every unit comes fully equipped with (1) VOC Filter Cartridge, (2) UV Bulbs & (1) HEPA filter.

  • VOC Filter Cartridge - The patented EnviroKlenz-Air Cartridge features a proprietary "Adsorptive Neutralization" process that adsorbs toxic and noxious odors, smoke, chemicals, gasses, fragrance, VOCs, and more.
    Replace the easy-to-install cartridge every 4-6 months.

  • UVC - Ultraviolet Germicidal Radiation (UVC) - UVC lamps are located just before the HEPA filter. This positioning ensures that any bacteria, mold, mildew, virus, germs, or microorganisms that are captured by the HEPA filter are permanently destroyed and cannot escape back into your environment.
    Indicator lights will let you know when UV lamps need to be replaced. Or, replace when HEPA filter is changed. 

  • True HEPA Filter - The hospital-grade HEPA filter Removes over 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns from the air that passes through the filter. Ultra-fine fiber medium captures microscopic particles for a truly clean, contaminant-free breathing zone.
    The HEPA filter should be replaced every 1-2 years, depending on the environment.

Features of the EnviroKlenz Portable HEPA Air Cleaner

  • Each unit comes fully equipped with 1 VOC cartridge, 2 UV lamps, and 1 HEPA filter
  • The easy-to-install EnviroKlenz VOC cartridge contains a proprietary blend of materials to neutralize odors, chemicals, gasses, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and larger particulates
  • Easy to install true HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particles at 0.3 micron
  • UV light continuously shines on the collected organisms in the HEPA filter providing a very high efficiency of kill.
  • Indicator lights inform you when the individual UVC lamps need to be replaced or when the HEPA filter is clogged with particle build-up.
  • The EnviroKlenz system monitors HEPA filter loading by a differential pressure switch that measures air resistance through the filters (not by a timer) so you get the maximum usage out of the HEPA before replacement is required.
  • The EnviroKlenz Covers up to 750 square feet
  • A 4-speed blower offers quiet and efficient airflow
  • On its lowest setting, the EnviroKlenz will run at near silent operation while still maintaining odor elimination
  • Medium to High speeds create maximum air efficiency at noise levels still suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Affordable maintenance costs
  • Maintenance does not require any tools

Specifications of the EnviroKlenz UV Air Purifier

Dimensions 15.5" wide x 15" deep x 22" high
Weight 50 lbs.
4-Speeds High - 250 CFM | Medium - 200 CFM | Low - 150 CFM | Whisper - 85 CFM
Noise Level High - 62 d(B)A | Medium - 59 d(B)A | Low - 56 d(B)A | Whisper - 54 d(B)A
Electrical 115 volts | 60 Hz | 1 amp | 100 watts | 5' power cord (UL listed)
3 Filter System

VOC Cartridge - Includes 1 - replace every 4-6 months
UV Lamps - Includes 2 - replace when the indicator lights alert
HEPA Filter - Includes 1 - replace every 1-2 years

Certifications CSA Certified | HAZMAT | CARB Certified
Warranty  5 year limited
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