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41194 | Replacement Pre-Filter for Miracle Air CM12

Aluminum Mesh Prefilter for CM-12 Commercial Air Cleaners

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Aluminum Mesh Prefilter for CM-12 units

The primary function of the pre-filter is to trap larger dust and particles. These allows the primary filtration to do its intended job easier. The pre-filter in the CM-12 air cleaners is washable, so you'll need to set up an schedule to keep the pre-filter clean.

The exact maintenance interval is determined by the specific application of the MiracleAir™ unit. In an office application, the prefilter could require cleaning every 2-3 months. Because of the different variables with each application, it is recommended that the prefilter be inspected every two weeks during the first couple of months of operation. When there is a noticeable accumulation of dust and dirt, clean the filter.

Cleaning the Pre-Filter - The prefilter is removed from the air cleaner by opening the intake grille. Push the two buttons on the grille and guide the grille to the open position, the grille will hang down towards the floor on its hinges. Shake out or vacuum the accumulated contaminants from the prefilter. If necessary, the prefilter can be soaked in an alkaline detergent solution. Do not soak in an acid detergent solution or use high-pressure water, air or steam to clean the prefilter. Doing so will damage the prefilter and shorten its life.