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PAC-22-HEPA | Replacement HEPA Filter for PAC-22 Air Cleaner

Replacement HEPA filter for PAC-22 Cigarette Smoke Air Filter. The HEPA filter CANNOT BE WASHED and should be changed annually.


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Includes 1 - 3" HEPA Filter - Designed to last up to 1 year

The PAC-22 HEPA filter removes very small particles. It's an extremely important filter because it captures a majority of the airborne particulate. When used and maintained properly, it will dramatically improve your indoor air quality. The HEPA filter should be replaced *every year. The HEPA filter CANNOT be washed.

Replace the PAC-22 HEPA filter once per year.

* HEPA filter needs to be changed every year in order to maintain the lifetime blower motor warranty.