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MAD-4230 | Replacement Revtex 50 GPD RO Membrane

Replacement 50 GPD RO Membrane for Vertex GreenMachine Reverse Osmosis water systems. Replace every 2 years.

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50 Gallon per Day Reverse Osmosis Membrane

The heart of the Vertex Green Machine is the reverse osmosis membrane. RO filtration technology removes on average 95% of the dissolved solids in your water. Dissolved solids are not removed by municipal water treatment. This is why RO purification is an important safety factor for the water you drink and the water you use in your cooking.

The Vertex GreenMachine™ uses the new RevtexTM 1:1 high-efficiency 50 GPD RO membrane to send less water to the drain.  Only 1 gallon of water is wasted for each gallon of freshwater produced, significantly reducing the waste-water by up to 75% compared with standard RO membranes. This state-of-the-art membrane is manufactured using special membrane material along with an improved design to make a 50% recovery rate possible at typical municipal water pressure of 40-100 psi. Replace membrane after 2 years.

For use in the following PureWaterMachines;