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PURE UV | Replacement 5 Micron Granular Activated Carbon Filter

5 micron granular activated carbon filter for PURA-UVB Water Sterilizers.

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5 Micron GAC Filter

This is the 2nd stage in the PURE UV3 Water Purifier. This 5-micron carbon filter serves as an additional reduction of chemical contaminants including chlorine, bad tastes & odors. It's an added assurance that your drinking water will be clean and fresh.

For use in the following PURE-UV Water Purifiers;

Filter Replacement - Filters will normally last approximately 8-12 months. Filter life will vary due to water conditions. A reduced flow rate or deteriorating water quality indicates that filters must be changed. Use only PURE filters. PURE filters are specially designed to work in the ultraviolet disinfection process. The use of non-PURE filters voids the warranty.