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Long Reach Faucets For Your Under Counter Water Purifier

Optional long reach faucet adds a separate bar tap on your sink for filtered water. Easy to install, just lift the handle for purified water.

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Our faucets are constructed of the highest quality material to provide you with a permanent, dedicated filtered water tap.

Easy to install our water filter faucets will add a touch of class to your counter top. They're built to last with quality materials. Long reach faucets are 8.5" high and reach 5.75" and they do swivel. They're available in many finishes to match your decor; *Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, White, Almond, Antique Bronze and Black.

  • Air-Gap - The chrome faucet is available in air gap model. An air gap faucet contains an empty space built in the base of the faucet. Air-gap faucets have three lines attached to them - a water line from the RO tank to the faucet. This is the water you drink. They also have a water line from the brine (waste) water side of your RO to come up through the air gap, then the waste water travels back down through the 3rd line into the drain. Please check your local code to determine if an air-gap is required. These are typically used for reverse osmosis systems and can be used as a non-air gap faucet.
  • Non-Air Gap - Non air gap faucets have no Air-Gap function built into them. These faucets have a single line from the tank to the faucet. These can be used for any water filtration system including reverse osmosis systems.

*The Chrome Faucet is used in Gold Seal Systems.