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Portable Air Purifiers & Air Cleaners

Air Purifiers come in all shapes & sizes. Often referred to as air cleaners, or air filters, the phrase "air purifier" means 'an appliance that purifies your indoor air'. Air purifiers remove high levels of smaller, more dangerous airborne contaminants. We recommend air purification systems for allergy and asthma sufferers and for those with MCS because they remove more pollutants than air cleaners. Breathe pure air with better indoor air. 

Most people buy an air purifier to ease asthma or allergies. But air purifiers and air cleaners are essential to everyone.

Allergy sufferers know that purified air is the only way to combat airborne allergies. People with asthma know that the slightest airborne pollutant can trigger an asthma attack. MCS can be life-altering unless you have the proper air purifier to help control its symptoms. If you're concerned about dust, allergens, odors, mold, pet dander, and more, our selection of portable air purifiers offer solutions to these airborne pollutants and breathing issues.

Pure n Natural Air Purifiers

Pure n Natural Systems offers several types of pure air devices including Portable Air Purifiers and Furnace Air Filters.

When odors, chemicals, and tobacco smoke are present, they contribute to indoor air pollution. Molds and pollen are especially threatening in the spring and fall because that's when levels are higher. Portable air purification systems can help control these allergens we breathe every day. They're portable because you can move them from room to room. You can even bring your portable air purifier to work.

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