BONECO P500 HEPA Filtration Air Purifier for Allergy Sufferers

BONECO P-500 Home and Office Allergy Air Cleaner - Super-efficient air cleaner for homes, offices, and workplace environments. Highly recommended for those who suffer from Allergies.

This unit is replacing pureAir Active HEPA+ Room Air Purifier.


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The impressive P500 Air Purifier by BONECO provides extremely efficient air cleaning with its unique Allergy Filter.

The P500 air purifier is a truly unique innovation in air cleaning technology. It comes equipped with an ALLERGY filter that addresses a full range of contaminants including germs, bacteria, odors, etc. Its stunning design and whisper-quiet performance will win you over.

The P500 air purifier specifically targets airborne allergens to help alleviate allergy symptoms.

The Unique ALLERGY Filter in the BONECO P500 Air Purifier Combines Several Layers of Air Filtering Media Including Pre-filtration, HEPA Filtration and Carbon Filtration.

The BONECO P500 air purifier helps capture pollen, dust mites & their excrement, fine dust particles, dander, and other household contaminants. The filter consists of a layer of fleece material with natural polyphenol that literally de-activates the allergens by making them water-insoluble. Right behind this layer is the true HEPA filter (E11) which captures and holds particles with an efficiency rating of 99.97% for particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. And finally, the cleaned and purified air is polished off with activated carbon. Carbon removes odor molecules, so the discharged air from the P500 is truly clean, fresh, and odor-free.

  • Reduces 99% of allergens on the surface of the filter

  • Decreases the susceptibility of allergies to your family

  • Filter combination: Pre-Filter + Allergy Filter + HEPA Filter + Active Carbon Filter

  • Filters dust, pollen, hair, allergens, viruses, micro-organism, mite, bacteria, germs, insecticide, harmful gases, unpleasant odors

  • The Allergy Filter should last approximately one year

How often should the filter be changed?

Your P500 air purifier includes an automatic filter change indicator. The filter change indicator was calculated based on multiple experiences and global statistics. As time progresses, your filter is working to capture the smells, harmful substances, and bacteria that invade your indoor space. The filter will become less efficient and clogged after several months. When it's time to change the filter, a FILTER symbol will appear on the P500 air cleaner. We recommend replacing the filter as soon as possible when the symbol becomes lit.

Additional Features and Benefits of the Boneco P500 Air Purifier

  • Cleanable pre-filter screen for removal of large, visible particles such as hair, lint or dirt
  • Magnetic front cover - air purifier will not switch on of front cover is missing or positioned incorrectly.
  • Room air quality indicator - The air quality level is displayed in 8 segments - the better the air quality, the more segments are displayed.
  • Easy operation with remote control.
  • AUTO mode, SLEEP mode and POWER modes for setting the air purifier to your preferred needs.
  • Filter change reminder.
  • Whisper-quiet operation in SLEEP mode.
  • Timer for setting operating times according to your preferences
  • Fragrance container on the back-side of the unit.
  • High-quality components with long service life

BONECO P500 Allergy Air Purifier Specifications

Dimensions 25.5" H x 17.75" W x 9"D
Weight 16.2 lbs. (without filter)
CADR ALLERGY filter - 258 m3/hr
Electrical | Power 110V | 50 Hz | 34W
Coverage 720 sq. ft.
Noise Level 31 - 60 dB(A)

Enjoy watching the BONECO P500 Air Purifier in Action

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