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IQAir IF-W125 | Inflow Ducting Kit with Wall Vent

The InFlow W125 Ducting Kit enables any IQAir filtration unit to draw outside air through a wall or window vent into an indoor environment. This setup ensures that fresh, oxygen-rich air is stripped from outdoor pollutants before it enters indoors.

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Use of the InFlow W125 is advisable when the main pollution source is located outside, or in an adjacent indoor environment.

The InFlow W125 kit allows any IQAir filtration unit to be adapted to draw outside air through a wall or window vent into your indoor environment. The InFlow W125 kit can be used to create a clean area, to ventilate a room with fresh filtered air from outdoors, or to create under-pressure or over-pressure areas.

Clean Air Ventilation - No filtration system can add oxygen to indoor air; Fresh, oxygen-rich air from outdoors is needed. With the InFlow W125, your IQAir filter unit draws outdoor air into your environment. The setup ensures that fresh, oxygen-rich air is stripped from outdoor pollutants before it enters indoors. The over-pressure that is created in the process prevents unfiltered outdoor air to leak indoors through gaps and cracks.

Creation of Pressure Differentials - The InFlow W125 lets you create pressure differentials between different indoor environments. Under-pressure environments serve to contain pollutants in isolation areas. Over-pressure protects clean environments from uncontrolled infiltration of airborne contaminants from more polluted surrounding areas.

Clean Area & Cleanroom Use - The supply of filtered air into an environment helps reduce air pollution in that environment by dilution and the creation of over-pressure, which reduces the influx of polluted outside air into the clean area. With the InFlow 125 kit, the filtration unit is positioned inside the clean area or cleanroom, allowing for convenient control of the unit.

Isolation Areas - The control of airborne pathogens that can lead to the transmission of infectious diseases, like tuberculosis (TB), demands the creation of under-pressure environments. The the InFlow W125, the air filtration unit is positioned outside the isolation area. This saves valuable space and reduces noise exposure inside the isolation area. The InFlow W125 kit easily modifies any IQAir filtration unit. Simply slide the extension blocks into the air cleaner's base.

All that is needed to install the InFlow W125 is a 5.2" opening in a wall or window. The InFlow W125 kit includes a damper and a mesh grille which prevents backdrafts and entry of coarse particles when the system is not in use. The large 5" diameter of the ducting ensures low air resistance, typically reducing the air flow of an IQAir filter unit by only 10-30% (depending on the model and fan speed). The Aluminum duct may be freely flexed to allow control over the desired vent location. It is expandable in length, from 10" in its original compressed state, to 39" when fully extended.

  • Hole Diameter Required - 5.2" (132 mm)
  • Wall Tube Length - 4" (100 mm) & 6" (150 mm)
  • Flexible Aluminum Duct - 5" (125 mm) internal diameter Minimum bend radius - 10" (250 mm) Adjustable length from 10" (250 mm) to 39" (1000 mm)
  • IQAir Compatibility Compatible with all IQAir filtration devices. Not compatible with the accessories PF40, VMF, VM FlexVac, MaxVac and FlexVac.