HVAC UV Light | SpeedLight Jr™ Single-Bulb In-Duct Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer

The SpeedLight Jr. Single Bulb Whole House UV Sterilizer utilizes the power of Germicidal Ultraviolet Light - UVC - to destroy germs, mold, mildew, bacteria and allergens in your HVAC system. Improves indoor air quality and air conditioning / heating efficiency.  Read More...

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The power of Ultraviolet Light can neutralize mold, mildew, bacteria, germs, and other allergens that silently lurk in your HVAC system.

Single Ultraviolet Bulb - You and your family will breathe easier knowing that the SpeedLight Jr UV Light System is killing germs in your HVAC system and purifying your indoor air.

In some homes, indoor comfort comes with side effects. When your central air conditioning or heating systems are in use, allergies, headaches and cold symptoms seem to worsen. Unfortunately, air conditioning coils are dark and damp which can provide the perfect environment for bacteria, fungi, and molds. Hence, by establishing a comfortable temperature, homeowners can unwittingly create unhealthy air. Our HVAC UV Light System can help.

SpeedLight Jr. UVC HVAC lights are a remarkably effective means of stopping this bacterial growth. Because UV emits a germicidal frequency that penetrates the cell walls of detrimental microbes, it permanently neutralizes any ill effects. Also, better health isn't the sole benefit. Reducing mold and other microbes will improve the HVAC system efficiency and will save money on operating costs.

Installation of the SpeedLight Jr. HVAC UV Light System

The SpeedLight Jr. UVC Light System is designed for HVAC airstream disinfection and surface irradiation. Installs in either the return or supply side of the furnace or air handler for air-stream disinfection, or installed over the A-coil for surface irradiation.

SpeedLight HVAC UV Air Purifier Inside Installation

Choose from 2 easy installation methods for your SpeedLight Jr.

  • Install the SpeedLight Jr. UV light system without cutting through any ductwork - A quick and easy installation using a magnetic mounting bracket eliminates the need for drilling holes or puncturing the HVAC system. Simply attach the U-shaped bracket to the inside of your ductwork or the inside of your furnace. Connect via the required electric and the SpeedLight Jr. starts working immediately!
  • Install the UV light system anywhere by cutting a hole and inserting directly into the HVAC duct-work. Its magnetic bulb holder attaches to the outside of the ductwork, while the UV bulb performs its magic inside the duct. Electrical connections are easy to access. (U-shaped bracket not required for this installation.)

The 18-watt single lamp system emits UV light at 253.7 nanometers - the optimum light frequency to combat bacteria that commonly infest air handling systems. The SpeedLight Jr. UV light system will give you complete peace of mind. Germicidal UV-C applied to your central air system is a safe, economical, chemical-free way to significantly reduce airborne contaminants.

Features of the SpeedLight Jr. HVAC Ultraviolet Light Air Sterilizer

  • High-Output, Long-Life UV-C Lamps. 18 Watts per bulb.
  • Multiple Ballast Voltages Available - 24V | 120V | 230V
  • Magnetic Brackets
  • Meets UL Safety Standards.
  • Suitable for slab coil applications of three tons and 1200 CFM or less, or where space permits only a single lamp.

SpeedLight Jr. HVAC Ultraviolet Light Air Sterilizer Specifications

Dimensions Mounting Plate Dimensions - 3" x 3"
UVC Lamp - 1" x  14" | 1" x 16"
Required Mounting Hole - 1"
Weight UVC Lamp Assembly - 14" - 4.1 oz | 16" - 4.6 oz.
UVC 14" - 10 Watt | 16" - 17 Watt, >38 uW/cm2 @ 1 meter
Bulb Life - 9,000 hours
Electrical Available in (3) Voltages - 24V | 120V | 230V
6' lamp cable
Provides constant voltage to the UVC Lamp
Certifications UL/ULC Listed electronic ballast
Warranty 3 Years on Power Supply
1 Year (9,000 hours) on UV Lamp

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