1-Year Filter Set - AirMac Replacement Carbon Filters

Bundle includes ALL filters needed for 1 full year!  Read More...

SAVE up to $30 + get FREE SHIPPING when you order this 1 Year Filter Bundle for your AirMac 750E electrostatic smoke eater. It includes all the carbon post-filters that you might need to replace within 12-months.

Choose Standard Carbon, SUPER Carbon, or 420-Blend Carbon.

SKU: AM-500994-1YFB

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Get all the replacement Carbon Filters you will need for your AirMac-750E smoke eater's first 12-months

Choose from the following;

  • Standard Carbon Filters x 3 - Save $30 + free shipping
  • SUPER Carbon Filters x 3 - Save $30 + free shipping
  • 420-Blend Filters x 3 - Save $30+ free shipping

Each new AirMac-750E electrostatic air purifier portable smoke eater comes fully equipped with 1 carbon post-filter. Purchase this 3-pack of replacement filters and you'll be all set for your first year!

Replace every 3-6 months, depending on the severity of the environment.

For use in the following portable air cleaners;

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