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Ebac RM40 / RM40P | 17 Pint Compact Dehumidifier

  • Removes up to 17 Pints of Moisture per Day.
  • Up to 170 CFM Airflow. Available in 110V.
  • Ebac RM40 compact dehumidifier includes castors for mobility and an adjustable humidistat.

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The Ebac RM-40 Compact Dehumidifier is Great for Residential or Business Applications.

    The Ebac RM40 & RM40-P dehumidifiers are perfectly suited for residential moisture removal. Attractive yet sturdy, this super quiet dehumidifier will tackle the wettest jobs. It's durable rotational modeled polyethylene housing can take a beating in the most extreme environments. The RM40 & RM40P have a lightweight and robust design which is best suited for residential applications where water & moisture removal are necessary. Its castors and sturdy built-in handle ensures easy mobility and portability. With more than 17 pints of moisture removal per day, the Ebac RM40 & RM40-P compact dehumidifiers are ready for any job. Super compact allowing for one-person operation.

    How The Ebac RM40 & RM40P Compact Dehumidifiers Work

    How an Ebac Commercial Dehumidifier Works
    1. Air is drawn into the unit by a fan
    2. Air passes over a cold evaporator coil
    3. As the air is cooled, it's moisture condenses
    4. Water falls into the container
    5. Air is re-heated by the heat recovery system
    6. Air passes back into the room 2° warmer and considerably dryer
    7. Defrost system automatically de-ices unit as necessary
    8. Unit switches off automatically when container is full
    9. When the unit achieves the selected level of dryness, it switches off automatically

    Whether it is a flash flood, hurricane, heavy rains or water main break, it's vitally important to restore the damaged area and dehumidify as soon as possible. This will help to protect your property and more importantly, your health from microorganisms, mold and bacteria. Without dehumidification, these harmful organisms will continue to grow and ultimately cause further damage. Ebac compact dehumidifiers are a great way to stay dry and healthy!


    Features of the Ebac RM40 & RM40-P Compact Dehumidifiers

    • Adjustable control humidistat
    • Bucket Full indicator
    • Hot gas defrost system prevents frost buildup
    • Washable air filter
    • Moulded carrying handles
    • Galvanized steel subframe

    Features Specific to the Ebac RM-40 Dehumidifier

    • Includes Integral Water Container
    • Includes Permanent Drain Facility

    Features Specific to the Ebac RM40-P Dehumidifier

    • Includes High Lift Condensate Pump
    • Includes 10' length of PVC Drain Hose
    Ideal applications for the RM40 Series Compact Dehumidifier include Flood & Restoration in Residential Areas - Attics - Garages - Carpet Cleaning - Basements/Cellars - Laundries - Laboratories - Offices


    Specifications of the Ebac RM40 & RM40-P Compact Dehumidifiers

    Dimensions 25" H x 15" W x 14" D
    Weight 58 lbs.
    Operating Range 33°F - 95°F
    Effective Volume 3,000 cu. ft.
    Refrigerant R134a
    Airflow 170 CFM
    Noise Level 47 d(B)A
    Volts 110V | 60 Hz | 1 Phase
    Running Amps 4
    Power 350W
    Capacity 17 pints per day (80°F., 60% RH)
    Compressor Reciprocating
    Warranty 1 year


    Manufacturer Resources

    What’s In the Box?

    • Ebac RM40 or RM40-P Dehumidifier
    • Quick release hose coupling
    • RM40P- 10' PVC tubing
    • Product Manual