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Ebac CD100E | 97 Pint - Humidity Control Commercial Dehumidifier

  • Removes up to 97 Pints of Moisture per Day.
  • Up to 700 CFM Airflow. Available in 115V.
  • Ebac CD100E dehumidifier includes a wall mounting bracket.

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The Ebac CD100E Heavy Duty, Low Temperature Dehumidifier provides the same level of dehumidification as the CD100 - Plus - added features including an Alarm Humidistat and a wall mounting bracket.

    The Ebac CD100-E 90 pint per day dehumidifier is designed to eliminate high humidity in harsh environments. The impressive CD100-E can be easily moved from site to site, or can be permanently mounted and ducted to suit a variety of applications. Its' low temperature operation ensures a high volume - over 90 ppd moisture removal (60% RH) in temperatures down to 33°F. In extremely adverse conditions - 100% RH - the CD-100E is capable of removing a whopping 20 gallons of moisture per day.

    The CD-100E commercial dehumidifier is also supplied with a wall mount bracket and installation kit.

    Because of its high capacity and durability, it's extremely effective in warehouses, storage rooms, electrical and communication switching stations, locker rooms, basements, pumping stations, offshore oil rigs and active and laid-up marine vessels. The Ebac CD100E high capacity dehumidifier includes an internal alarm humidistat making it the ideal choice for installations where remote monitoring is required. It automatically turns on and off to save energy and expense by maintaining the desired level of humidity with intermittent operation. The alarm humidistat can be adjusted and preset during the installation process and will provide means of identifying a high humidity condition.


    Features of the Ebac CD100E Low Temperature Dehumidifier

    • A rugged epoxy-coated, steel chassis.
    • A "floating" compressor for vibration and mobility protection.
    • An adjustable humidistat to control the level of dryness desired.
    • System lamps to tell the operating status of the unit at a glance.
    • Ebac's unique "Reverse Cycle" defrosting system, for effective operation in low ambient temperatures.
    • Standard 115V power requirements for operation in any location.
    • Adjustable Alarm Humidistat and "voltage free" connector.
    • Power On Indicator.
    • Hours Run Meter provides accurate run time measuring.
    • Supplied Complete with wall mounting bracket.

    How the Ebac CD-100E Low Temperature Dehumidifier Works

    How an Ebac Commercial Dehumidifier Works
    1. Air is drawn into the unit by a fan
    2. Air passes over a cold surface
    3. As the air is cooled, it's moisture condenses
    4. Water falls into the container
    5. Air is re-heated by the heat recovery system
    6. Air passes back into the room 2°C warmer and considerably dryer
    7. Defrost system automatically de-ices unit as necessary
    8. Unit switches off automatically when container is full
    9. When the unit achieves the selected level of dryness, it switches off automatically

    Ideal applications for the CD-100 Commercial Dehumidifier Include
    Warehouses - Factories - Sports Halls - Storage Areas - Laboratories - Oil Rigs - Agriculture - Kitchens - Hotel / Motel - Ships / Barges - Pumping Stations - Stadiums


    Specifications of the Ebac CD-100E Commercial Dehumidifier

    Dimensions 16" H x 36" W x 20" D
    Weight 135 lbs.
    Operating Range 33°F - 95°F
    Effective Volume 10,594 cu. ft.
    Refrigerant R407c
    Airflow 700 CFM
    Noise Level 66 d(B)A
    Volts 115V | 60 Hz | 1 Phase
    Running Amps 16
    Power 1090W
    Capacity 97 pints per day (80°F., 60% RH)
    Compressor Reciprocating
    Warranty 1 year


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    What’s In the Box?

    • Ebac CD100E Dehumidifier
    • Wall mounting bracket
    • 10 - M8 x 25 hex head bolt
    • 10 - M8 flat washer
    • 6 - Red end cap
    • 10 - M8 spring nut
    • Free socket
    • 10' - PVC tube - 12mm I/D
    • Jubilee clip
    • Product Manual