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Airpura | Replacement 26 Pound Carbon Module

Replacement 26 pound carbon module for Airpura Air Purifiers. Long lasting activated coconut shell carbon for removal of odors, gases, VOC's and chemicals.

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The Second Stage of Filtration in Airpura C600 & T600 Air Purifiers

Carbon Filter – An astounding 26 pounds of carbon is typically found only in heavy-duty, commercial grade air cleaners. With the Airpura carbon module, you can expect an odor-free, VOC-free and chemical-free environment. Carbon is a magnet for organic-based pollutants. The 3″ carbon ring contains enough carbon to adsorb gases, chemicals, noxious odors and VOC’s for up to 2 years!

It may be of interest to know that this same type of carbon is used in military gas masks to protect soldiers from airborne contamination.

This 26 pound, 3" Carbon filter module is used in the following Airpura air purifier models;

Replace the 26 pound carbon module every 2 years, depending on usage.