Collection: Source Capture Air Cleaners

If your job requires close exposure to chemicals, fumes, smoke or dust, direct source capture air cleaners would be perfect for your application.

Source capture air cleaners have arms that can be placed directly over the pollutant. They immediately capture the particles, dust or smoke from the job. Because the arms are flexible, you can place them anywhere the odor, smoke or dust source is coming from.

Welding, soldering and grinding are dust and fume producing jobs. You could be putting yourself in harms way if you're in close proximity to these activities. Hence, a direct source capture air cleaner could help capture harmful particulates. Because the arms can be placed directly over the source, your breathing zone is left free & clear.

Source Capture Fume Extractors and Dust Collectors

Direct source capture air cleaners are perfect for workstations where fumes, dust, gases and other airborne contaminants are created and should be collected at the source. Examples are welding stations, soldering areas, grinding, sanding, metal working dust, etc. The source capture arms come in a variety of sizes and designs. Our selection includes portable units, commercial units and industrial units. Call us for your specific application.

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