Ebac K100P Dehumidifier w/ Pump | 97 Pint High-Capacity Commercial Dehumidifier | 10,594 Cu. Ft. Areas

The Ebac K100P dehumidifier removes up to 97 pints of moisture across a 10,594 cubic foot area. The impressive Ebac K100P high-capacity commercial dehumidifier can be easily moved from site to site or can be permanently mounted and ducted to suit a variety of applications. Includes a high lift internal condensate pump, an 'hours run' meter, free shipping, and a 1-year warranty. Financing available.  Read More...

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Ebac K100P High-Capacity Commercial Dehumidifier Is Portable For Moving Site To Site Or Can Be Permanently Mounted & Ducted

The Ebac K100P high-capacity commercial dehumidifier comes with an internal pump and is designed to remove over 97 pints of moisture per day in high-humidity environments up to 10,594 cu. ft. As moist air circulates through the K100P dehumidifier, much drier & slightly warmer air is returned back to the environment. The continual process of the ambient air circulating through the Ebac K100P dehumidifier greatly reduces the level of humidity in the room.

The K100P dehumidifier works in a wide range of humidity levels & temperatures, down to 33°F, without frost building up on the coils. In severe environments (100% humidity) the K100P heavy-duty commercial dehumidifier is capable of removing a staggering 20 gallons of moisture (97 pints) per day. Its' built-in high-lift condensate pump makes water removal a breeze. The impressive K100P dehumidifier can be easily moved from site to site or can be permanently mounted and ducted to suit a variety of applications.

Warehouses, storage rooms, electrical and communication switching stations, locker rooms, basements, pumping stations, offshore oil rigs, and active and laid-up marine vessels have all found the K100P commercial dehumidifier to be more than adequate for the task.

How The Ebac K100P High-Capacity Commercial Dehumidifier Works

How and Ebac K100P Dehumidifier Works
  1. Moist air is drawn into the unit by a fan
  2. The air passes over a cold surface
  3. As the air is cooled, it's moisture condenses
  4. The collected moisture drips into the container
  5. The cooled air is re-heated by the heat recovery system
  6. Air passes back into the room 2°C warmer and considerably dryer
  7. Defrost system automatically de-ices the unit as necessary
  8. The unit switches off automatically when the container is full
  9. When the unit achieves the selected level of dryness, it switches off automatically

Features of the Ebac K100P Heavy-Duty Dehumidifier

  • The K100P Dehumidifier is constructed with a rugged epoxy-coated, steel chassis
  • A "floating" compressor provides vibration and mobility protection
  • Includes high lift condensate pump
  • An adjustable alarm humidistat to control the level of dryness desired with "Voltage Free" connector
  • System lamps show the operating status of the K100P dehumidifier at a glance
  • Ebac's unique "Reverse Cycle" defrosting system, for effective operation in low ambient temperatures
  • Standard 115V power requirements for operation in any location.
  • Power-On Indicator
  • Hours Run Meter provides accurate run time measuring
  • Supplied with detachable mounting skid
Ideal applications for the K100P Commercial Dehumidifier include Warehouses - Basements - Factories - Sports Halls - Storage Areas - Laboratories - Oil Rigs - Agriculture - Kitchens - Pumping Stations - Hotel / Motel - Stadiums - Ships / Barges

High levels of moisture and humidity in your environment can result in corrosion, mold growth and rotting. Staggering costs are incurred every year through damage to properties and inventory as a result of dampness. Even if your building seems dry during the day, at night when the temperature falls the humidity rises and the condensation process begins. The Ebac K100P dehumidifier is a small price to pay when combating any moisture or humidity issues.

Specifications of the Ebac K100P Commercial Dehumidifier With Internal Pump

Dimensions 17" H x 28" W x 18" D
Weight 138 lbs.
Moisture Removal 97 pints per day (80°F, 60% RH)
>20 gallons per day (90°F, 80% RH)
Operating Temperature Range 33°F - 95°F
Effective Area Coverage 10,594 cubic feet
Refrigerant Type R407c
Airflow 700 CFM
Noise Level 66 d(B)A
Compressor Reciprocating
Electrical 115V, 60 Hz, 1 Phase | 16 Amps (max) | 1090 Watts
Added Features
  • Integral High Capacity Condensate Pump (20' vertical lift)
  • Adjustable Humidistat
Ebac K100P Dehumidifier Owner's Manual Ebac K-100-P Commercial Dehumidifier Owner's Manual
Ebac K100P Dehumidifier Product Brochure / Spec Sheet Ebac K-100-P Commercial Dehumidifier Product Brochure / Spec Sheet
What's In The Box?
  • Ebac K100P dehumidifier with internal pump
  • Quick-release hose coupling
  • 25 feet of PVC drainage hose
  • Product Manual
Warranty One-year unconditional warranty against any manufacturing defects in workmanship or material.

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