Ebac CD30SE Portable Dehumidifier with Wall Bracket Removes 24 Pints per Day

Ebac CD30-SE High-Efficiency Commercial Dehumidifier Removes over 24 Pints of Moisture Per Day. It includes a Wall Mounting Bracket and a 10-foot drainage hose.
Effective Coverage Area = 3,000 cubic feet. 


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The Ebac CD30SE Heavy Duty, Portable, Low-Temperature Dehumidifier provides the same level of dehumidification as the CD30-SE - Plus - Added Features include an Alarm Humidistat and a Wall Mounting Bracket.

    The Ebac CD30-SE dehumidifier is a portable, heavy-duty dehumidifier designed to eliminate high humidity problems in harsh environments. The CD30-SE is portable enough to be moved from site to site, or it can be permanently installed. You can rely on the CD30-SE heavy-duty dehumidifier to perform faithfully without complicated maintenance or costly downtime.

    Ebac CD30-SE Commercial Dehumidifier Proven Performance - Under the operating conditions of 80°F and 60% Relative Humidity (AHAM standard, the baseline used to compare the performance of industrial dehumidifiers), the CD30SE dehumidifier will remove more than 24 pints of moisture each day. In extreme environmental conditions, the Ebac CD30SE is capable of removing nearly 4 gallons per day. The CD30SE dehumidifier is a tough, self-sufficient performer.

    How the Ebac CD30SE Heavy Duty Portable Dehumidifier Works

    Diagram of the Ebac Dehumidifier
    1. Air is drawn into the unit by a fan
    2. Air passes over a cold evaporator coil
    3. As the air is cooled, its moisture condenses
    4. The collected water then falls into the container
    5. Air is re-heated by the heat recovery system
    6. Air passes back into the room 2° warmer and considerably dryer
    7. Defrost system automatically de-ices unit as necessary
    8. The unit switches off automatically when the container is full
    9. When the unit achieves the selected level of dryness, it switches off automatically.

    Key Features of the Ebac CD30SE Heavy Duty HVAC Dehumidifier

    Ebac CD-30E Wall Mounting Bracket
    • Adjustable Humidistat - Maintains a consistent level of dryness. The humidistat can be adjusted and preset during the installation process. The humidistat includes an alarm that alerts you when the ambient humidity rises above your (preset) setting, allowing you to adjust it manually if needed in sensitive scenarios.
    • Drain Point - Easily connect a hose for continuous drainage
    • Automatic Defrost - Ebac's unique "Hot Gas" defrosting feature automatically melts away frost buildup providing effective operation at low ambient temperatures
    • Carry Handles - Sturdy military-type carrying handles
    • Steel Construction - totally enclosed coils in an epoxy-coated, heavy gauge durable steel case
    • Power-On Indicator
    • Hours Run Meter - Provides accurate run time measuring
    • Includes wall mounting bracket and installation kit.
    Ideal applications for the CD30-E Portable Dehumidifier Include
    Warehouses - Basements - Factories - Storage Areas - Laboratories - Oil Rigs - Pumping Stations - Stadiums.

    Specifications of the Ebac CD30SE 24 Pint Heavy Duty HVAC Dehumidifier

    Dimensions 12" H x 14" W x 22" D
    Weight 55 lbs.
    Moisture Removal 24 pints per day (80°F., 60% RH)
    > 4 gallons per day @ saturation
    Operating Range 33°F - 95°F
    Effective Area Coverage 3,000 cubic feet
    Refrigerant R134A
    Airflow 170 CFM
    Noise Level 47 d(B)A
    Compressor Reciprocating
    Electrical 110V, 60 Hz, 1 Phase | 5 Amp (max) | 510 Watts
    Added Features
    • Adjustable Control Humidistat
    • Built-In Carrying Handles
    • Hours Run Meter
    • Includes Wall Mounting Bracket
    Ebac CD-30-SE Owner's Manual Ebac CD30-SE Heavy Duty Portable Dehumidifier Owner's Manual
    Ebac CD-30-SE Product Brochure / Spec Sheet Ebac CD30SE Heavy Duty Portable Dehumidifier Product Brochure
    What's in the Box?
    • Ebac CD-30SE Dehumidifier
    • Wall Mounting Bracket
    • 3 - Brass Wood Screws
    • 3 - Rawl Plugs
    • 10' PVC Drainage Tube (12mm I/D)
    • Jubilee Clip
    • Product Manual
    Warranty One-year unconditional warranty against any manufacturing defects in workmanship or material.

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