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Portable Dehumidifiers for Your Home, Basement or Crawl Space

A home dehumidifier is an absolute necessity for those suffering from dust mite, mold or mildew allergies. According to studies conducted at Wright State University by Dr. Larry Arlien, dust mite infestations will be eliminated if the relative humidity is consistently maintained below 50 percent.

With a Portable Home Dehumidifier, You're In Control

Moisture in your home or office atmosphere can be a problem when there is either too little or too much of it. Air that is too dry can cause discomfort, dry and itchy skin and nasal passages and various other forms of inquietude. Conversely, air with elevated levels of humidity can cause itchy skin and nasal passages, mold growth and even wood rotting in your home. The office or home dehumidifier lets you control humidity levels and set it at an amount that you are most comfortable with. With newer designs like the room dehumidifier or the portable home dehumidifier, there are now solutions to any and all humidity-related problems.

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