LA-2000-MC Replacement MERV-14 Media Filter

Replacement MERV-14 Media Filter captures most tobacco smoke, airborne dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and more.  Read More...

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Replacement MERV-14 Media Filter for LA-2000-MC Media and Carbon Surface Mount Air Cleaner for Dust and Smoke Removal

The extended surface area of the MERV-14 pleated media filter ensures the removal of most tobacco smoke, airborne dust, lint, mold spores, pollen, etc. Thick, cotton-polyester media is disposable and should be inspected regularly.

This filter features a Z-Line pleat design that offers improved performance for any application. High performance with low-pressure drop provides energy efficiency.  Fibers in the Z-Line pleated filters do not absorb moisture and will not support microbial growth.

Replace at least once per year.

For use in the following Commercial Air Cleaners;

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