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Permanent filters are designed to fit in your central air conditioning system or furnace. They are permanent and in most cases, they are washable. Our air filters will help keep the air in your whole house cleaner. As the air in your home travels through your central heating & air conditioning system, the filters trap the dust particles as they go through your system. If you're concerned with odors, try a furnace or AC filter that contains carbon. Carbon is highly affective in capturing odors, gases & VOCs.


Furnace and AC Air Filters and HVAC Panel Filters

Standard throw-away furnace filters are designed to keep dust out of your HVAC system. Our furnace filters are designed to keep the air in your home or office cleaner and fresher. Whether you're looking for a permanent electrostatic furnace filter, such as LifeStyle Plus, or the highly efficient dielectric polarization technology found in the EnviroSept furnace filters, our products are top of the line in performance.

Furnace filters will keep your indoor air cleaner. When you use electrostatic furnace filters for your home or office, you'll experience pure and natural air like never before. We carry quality name brand furnace panel filters such as Permatron and EnviroSept.

How To Know It's Time to Change Your Furnace Filter...

When it comes to allergen and particle removal, electrostatic furnace filters are at the top of the list (just under HEPA indoor air purification systems) in affectiveness. In addition, Permatron furnace filters are permanent. You can even take them out and wash them. That is to say, LifeStyle Plus electrostatic filters will last a lifetime.

The EnviroSept electronic air cleaner was tested by an independent laboratory. Testing showed EnviroSept removes over 99% of all particles as small as .001 micron in size. That's a very small particle size! Testing was performed in accordance with AHAM (American Home Appliance Manufacturers) air cleaning testing protocol for the removal of sub-micron particulate. Electronic filters are very effective at removing particles and odors.

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