DustPlus® Permanent Electrostatic Central AC Air Filters with Activated Carbon

DustPlus Furnace Air Filters provide particle capture and odor abatement capabilities . This 2-in-1 residential HVAC air filter is available in a variety of sizes.  Read More...

All filters are NOMINALLY sized and are undercut by 1/2-inch on both length & width.

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DustPlus® Furnace Filters Will Substantially Reduce Many Indoor Contaminants plus Odors and Gases

DustPlus furnace filters provide dual air cleaning relief from airborne particles. As the air flows through the filter, two layers of Electrostatic Polypropylene easily capture dust, pollen, and mold. Its exclusive Accumulator Chamber ensures superior dust holding performance. Finally, as air exits the furnace filter, any noxious odors & fumes from tobacco smoke, cooking, pets, and cleaning products are adsorbed by the activated carbon. The result is a cleaner indoor environment. The 'two-in-one' DustPlus furnace filter requires no more space than an ordinary furnace filter.

DustPlus Furnace Air Filter Accumulator ChamberThe DustPlus 1-inch & 2-inch furnace air filters feature the exclusive Accumulator Chamber®. This unique filter bank design combines multiple sets of steel-framed media assembled with deliberate separation to create a triple-action filtration system. This pre-filter/post-filter strategy promotes free airflow with a superior dust holding capacity while resisting face loading. Excess particles sweep through the prefilter. Airflow combined with static electricity within the chamber causes further clustering and collection until the filter is rinsed clean. The outer steel frame of the DustPlus furnace filter contains strategically placed drain holes for thorough cleaning.

The DustPlus Whole House Electrostatic & Carbon Air Filter is a Superior HVAC Filter

  • DustPlus furnace filters feature washable electrostatic polypropylene media for particulate removal.
  • DustPlus furnace filters feature a disposable 1/4-inch activated carbon panel - sold in 4 packs - for odor & gas removal.
  • Galvanized steel frame with wire reinforcement opens & closes for easy back panel replacement.
  • Exclusive ACCUMULATOR CHAMBER design for maximum performance.
  • The DustPlus furnace filter is washable. It's an environmentally friendly air filter that will give you years of use, backed by a *Lifetime Warranty. 

Inside the DustPlus Furnace Filter - Allergy Relief + Odor Control

Inside the DustPlus Allergy Relief Furnace Air Filter

    Established Performance of the DustPlus Furnace Air Filters

    Average Arrestance 78%
    Dust Holding Capacity 115 grams
    Initial Airflow Resistance 0.19" w.g. @ 300 FPM (1,200 CFM) airflow
    MERV Rating 6
    Materials Classified by UL as to flammability only 655U
    Frame Construction

    Galvanized steel frame and wire support

    Sizes Available in several standard sizes with a 1-inch or 2-inch frame. Sizes are undercut by 1/2 inch. Custom sizes available. Contact Pure n Natural with any questions; 1-800-237-9199.
    Material Stage 1 - Multiple layers of Polypropylene, wire reinforced.
    Stage 2 - Replaceable Activated Carbon Panel
    *Warranty The DustPlus® Air Filter is designed to last the life of the air system in which it is installed and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty (residential applications) against defects in material and workmanship. Lifetime Warranty applies to permanent parts only and does not include activated carbon.

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